Solar Beach is one of the largest and purest beaches of Istanbul with an area of ​​30 thousand km and an extension of 1 km from the Black Sea coast.
In addition to its scenic nature thanks to its location to the north of the Belgrade forests, with its pure turquoise waters, golden sands, and its magical calm, and what it provides to its visitors with enjoyable leisure activities that made it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Istanbul in the Kamkoy region.
To know the most important activities provided by Solar Beach Istanbul, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey, for its visitors, you can follow the article.

The most important activities that can be done on the solar beach

• Upon your arrival, you can enjoy swimming and diving in the various activities and water sports on Istanbul’s sunny beach.

Solar Beach Istanbul

• Then sunbathe on its golden sands and in front of its clear turquoise waters and under the gentle sunlight, as the administration provides visitors with private terraces and facilities for sunbathing.
Solar Beach Istanbul

• Solar Beach provides you with a quiet spot ideal for recreation and relaxation away from the usual hustle and bustle of Istanbul, with a coastline of approximately 1 km, and elegant bridges to hike over the water, with a wonderful opportunity to capture the most beautiful memorial photos.

Solar Beach Istanbul

• You can enjoy a number of recreational activities suitable for young and old such as beach sports fields, DJs and live music and singing shows, with fashion shows that are very popular with beach visitors, as well as a children’s play area.
• You can also buy fast food, snacks and refreshing beverages through restaurants and kiosks spread along the beach, while purchasing some valuable gifts and souvenirs from the shops facing the beach.

The solar beach of Istanbul

• If you are in the company of your family, the solar beach in Istanbul provides visitors, who are veiled, with comfort, privacy and safety within the veiled ladies.

Solar Beach Istanbul

• If you are a fan of safari tours, you can pass through the forests of Belgrade Istanbul during your visit to Solar Beach, which is not more than half an hour away, or you can pass on another of the most wonderful beaches of Istanbul to complete the enjoyment, which is Kilyos Beach located in the Kelius Istanbul area

Solar Beach Istanbul

Entry prices

25 TL per person, seven days a week, increasing to 45 TL during the weekends.
If you are a beach goer, you can make a seasonal subscription of 850 pounds for two people.

Visit dates

From the beginning of the summer to the end of September, from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening, seven days a week.

The best hotels near Solar Beach in Istanbul

Grand Trabia Hotel Istanbul is one of the best Istanbul hotels by the sea, 17.9 km from the beach.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Most of the Arab hotel visitors rated it excellent in terms of views, accommodations and services, some commented about the hotel’s distance from Istanbul city center.
Hotel reservation
Belek Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 4-star Istanbul hotels, 22.9 km from the beach.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Belek Hotel Istanbul has received very good reviews for the comfort, value for money, staff performance, facilities and location.
Some visitors complained about the hotel’s hygiene and some unpleasant smells.

Solar Beach Istanbul website

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