Negara National Zoo is located in Selangor district of Kuala Lumpur and has a total area of ​​about 45 hectares. The park was opened in late 1963 AD
The Negara National Zoo is the largest and most prominent of its kind, and is the most famous of the tourist places in Malaysia that perform the same purpose.
The park hosts about 5137 animals belonging to 459 different species, and has evolved over the years to provide natural environments suitable for the nature of animal life.
The park offers 16 exhibitions: Reptile Park, Monkeys, Elephants, Continental Birds, Savannah Galleries, Children’s Complex, Hippo, Aquarium, and others.

Gates of the Negara National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

Activities you can do

• You and your family can stroll around the park to enjoy its beautiful nature and wonderful statues, and to learn about its many features and facilities, and the animals it embraces.

Tour of the Negara National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

• The park hosts some predatory animals that you can visit such as lions, leopards and others, most notably the tiger den, which was designed in a distinctive style.

The tiger at the Negara National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

• Your children will also be happy to visit the huge, elephant’s house, which is obligated to deal with visitors, as the park administration allows it to get close to its nets and feed it.

Feeding the elephant at the Negara National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

• One of the most exciting animals in the garden is monkeys of all kinds, which you can see in their environment, equipped with everything you need to play and have fun.

Monkeys Negara National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

• The park offers many exciting shows with animals every day, where you can enjoy watching some of them, such as elephants, birds and sea lion.

Offers of the Negara National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

• You have to have an adventure playing with huge turtles that you can approach and feed them, and your children will be very happy to play with them and play with them.

The Negara National Zoo turtles in Kuala Lumpur

• End your visit with a tour of the park train, which travels around the place to visit the gift shop, and then a restaurant for a delicious meal.

Gift shop at Negara National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur

Entry prices

For adults over 12 years old 76,5 ringgit, which is equivalent to $ 18.61.
For children between 3 and 12 years old, 38.7 ringgit, equivalent to $ 9.42.
Free for those under 3 years old.


Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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Negara National Zoo website

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