The Ueno Zoo opened in 1882 in Tokyo and is the oldest zoo in Japan with an area of ​​14.3 hectares.
The park is part of Ueno Park in Taito neighborhood, and along with it are other attractions such as museums.
The idea of ​​the park first came as a place for the National Museum of Natural History to display animals, then it became an independent park before being linked to the park.
The park hosts more than 3,000 animals representing a total of more than 400 species, and it is one of the only tourist attractions in Japan that is characterized by this diversity.
The Ueno Zoo, along with its animal diversity, is characterized by its many facilities and its natural nature, as well as its hanging train and the five-storey temple.

Ueno Zoo portals

Activities you can do

• The park features a Shinsen giant female panda that she embraces, and that your children will be delighted to see and little Shan Shan while showering and feeding her.

Panda baby at Ueno Zoo

• You and your children will be excited during your visit to the gorilla forests, where you can approach them and their children greatly, so that you can take pictures.

Gorilla forests at Ueno Zoo

• You can also see the tigers up close, to enjoy their beautiful beauty and the beauty of their surroundings, which are specially designed to suit the lifestyle you need to survive.

Dates at the Ueno Zoo

• Visit the Temple Garden, which was built in 1631 AD, and which consists of five floors, and a café serving meals and refreshments is located near it.

Ueno Zoo Temple

• You must enjoy the park ride of the park-suspended train that connects the eastern part with the western part of it, which will give you a better view of the place.

The train in the Ueno Zoo

• Don’t forget to visit the pet farm, which is the favorite place for children, where you can play with rabbits, goats, and hamsters and tease them closely.

Pet farm at Ueno Zoo

You can also see bird cages, as the garden embraces several types of them, such as pelicans, Abu Markoub, and other beautiful birds.

A fowl at the Ueno Zoo

Entry prices

For adults between 16 and 64 years old is 600 yen, equivalent to $ 5.33.
The elderly over 64 years old 300 yen, equivalent to 2.66 US dollars.
For children between 13 and 15 years old, 200 yen, equivalent to $ 1.78.
Free for those under 13 years old.


Everyday from 9:30 in the morning until 5 in the evening, and the last entry time is 4 in the evening.

Ueno Zoo Hotels – Ueno

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Ueno Zoo website

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