The Brighton Marine Palace Victorian Wharf was known until the year 2000 as the Wharf Palace, but after that date its name was changed to become the Brighton Wharf in relation to the famous city in which it is located. In England in the English city of Brighton

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Things to do in Brighton Victorian Quay

• The pier is a great place to relax and calm, watch the waves of the sea in front of you and sit on the sand around the pier and enjoy times of intimacy with your children playing on the sand around it.

Brighton Victorian Pier

• You can visit the theme park and big games Palace games on the sidewalk that extends for meters inside the sea beyond the shore of the Brighton Sea, which contains a wide range of games that suit both adults and children together.

• If you like fishing, you can go on a cruise by chartering one of the yachts from the dock and go on a fun tour around the pier and the city as well.

Brighton Victorian Pier

• You can take a break and go to one of the stores specialized in selling fresh seafood and delicious food and enjoy the most delicious dishes and see the most beautiful scenery of the sea and the city. You can also sip your delicious coffee cup while watching your children playing.

Brighton Victorian pier

• Brighton Pier has many shops that offer the most beautiful souvenirs, especially those made of seashells, which will be a gentle gift for your loved ones after your return.

Brighton Victorian Dock

• Near the sidewalk and on the beach, you can practice tennis on the beach front field and enjoy an atmosphere of competition and fun with your friends and loved you while you are in Brighton, English city.

Brighton Victorian Pier

• During your tour at the Victorian berth, you will love to take a group of photos that you will remember your trip to the most important tourist places in Brighton

Brighton Quay Hotels – Brighton

Amsterdam Hotel is one of England’s best 3 star Brighton hotels located close to the Brighton Victorian Quay
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New Madeira 3-star Brighton hotels is 500 meters from the Victorian Berth site in Brighton
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The hotel got good reviews for both the beach and breakfast.
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Brighton Wharf site

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