Huseyn Cavid Park is considered one of the most important parks and tourist places in Baku, as it was established in honor of the famous Azerbaijani writer Hussain Jawid.
This park is located at the intersection of Hussain Jawid Street and Landau Street in Baku as if it is a green corridor connecting the two.

Hussein Javed Park in Baku
The park is 1.2 km from the Old City of Baku and 5 km from the Baku City Center. The park has undergone successive development processes in terms of planting local trees and beautifully colored flowers throughout its area and also establishing appropriate infrastructure.

Hussain Jawed Baku Park
Hussein Joweid Park in Baku also includes many fountains, including a musical fountain up to 50 meters high It is really a beautiful fountain, especially when the evening falls, you will find the reflections of lighting in different colors is amazing and magical.

Activities you can do

Enjoy enjoying a great session with friends and family in the garden, sitting on stone benches, enjoying the natural scenery around you, seeing the memorial and the beauty of the wonderful fountains.

Hussein Javed Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Baku
• Enjoy walking in the private walking paths within the garden and move around easily with old trees and beautiful water channels.

Hussein Joweid Park is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Baku
• In the garden there is a beautiful restaurant where you can eat fast food and delicious traditional local dishes with an enjoyable and refreshing garden atmosphere.

Hussein Javed Park in Azerbaijan Baku

• The park is located near many tourist places in Azerbaijan and the markets, which you can visit and reach in a few minutes on foot.
• For children, there are safe places for children to have fun, and you can also ride small boats for children in the pool.

Hussein Joweid Park is one of the best tourist places in Baku
• Watch the special offers from circus and parkour or cinema, and the wonderful parties and festivals that are held annually in the park, especially New Year’s parties.

Hussein Javed Park is one of the best places of tourism in Baku Azerbaijan
• Amateurs and garden photography enthusiasts will present you with a unique set of unique photos during your tour.

Hussein Javed Park in Baku

The best hotels near Hussain Jawed park in Baku

Swan Hotel 3 stars one of the best hotels in Baku Azerbaijan is 1 km from the Hussein Javed Baku Park
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for the location, cleanliness, staff.
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Sapphire Inn Hotel 5 stars of the best hotels in Azerbaijan, 1.1 km from Hussein Javed Park in Baku
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall good ratings.
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Hussein Javed Park site in Baku

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