Let’s take a look at one of the oldest palaces in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which was a major royal palace and seat of government in Korea during earlier times.
Jeongbuk Palace was built in the year 1395. Parts of that palace were lost during history for many reasons such as fire and colonialism, but it was restored and opened to visitors in our time to be one of the tourist attractions in South Korea

Jeongbuk Palace in Seoul

Things to do in Gyeongbok Palace

• You can participate in one of the guided tours with a guide that takes place inside the palace to see the halls, rooms and suites of the palace and also learn about the ancient Korean architecture, it is worth noting that there are tours in English daily three times

Gyeongbok Palace Seoul South Korea

• The most important of those places that you should visit is Gangneungjun Hall, which was considered the royal lounge, as it was considered the seat of the king’s meeting with the entourage to discuss the daily matters of governance.

Jeongbuk Palace in South Korea Seoul

• You can also visit Jeonjeon Hall, which is the main hall of the palace and is the largest hall of the whole palace. From this hall the king used to take important decisions and hold big meetings. There are a number of other halls that must be passed during your tour inside the palace area.

Jeongbuk Palace is one of the best tourist places in Seoul

• You can watch the guard change ceremony that takes place at the head every hour from eleven in the morning until three in the evening, which is a wonderful offer that you can not miss to watch.

Jeongbuk Palace is one of the best tourist places in Seoul, South Korea

Do not forget to pass the Gwangwamun Gate, which is the main gate of the palace. You can also pass through the other three gates to learn more about Korean architecture and its difference.

Jeongbuk Palace is one of the most important tourist places in Seoul, South Korea

Don’t forget to pass through the many wings of the palace, the most famous of which is the Humgyunggak Pavilion, through which the king was watching the affairs of the palace and the parish.

Jeongbuk Palace is one of the best tourist places in South Korea, Seoul

• During your tour, you must go through the two famous museums within the Jeongbuk Palace area, the Korean National Folk Museum, and show a lot of the lives of the Korean people in the past and everything related to their diaries, as well as the Korean National Palace Museum and includes exhibits of the property of the king and his family.

Jeongbuk Palace is one of the most important places of tourism in South Korea, Seoul

Entry prices

Adults: $ 2.7.
For children 7 to 18 years old: $ 1.35.
For more information about changing prices, you can visit the official website of the palace.from here

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Jeongbuk Palace site

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