Osman Bey Street Istanbul is one of the most famous streets of Istanbul that all visitors to Istanbul must visit, as it is located in the famous Sisli Istanbul area and includes many tourist attractions, also called the Rumeli Street
In the coming lines, we will inform you about the most important activities that you can do on Osmanbey Street in addition to the best Istanbul hotels near it.

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Hotels in Osmanbey Street Istanbul

One of the advantages of the Osmanbey area in Istanbul is the addition of a large group of hotels, which may make visitors usually confused in which one to reside, so we collected for you a selection of the best hotels in Istanbul, Osmanbey Street .. Read more

Hotels in Osmanbey Street Istanbul

Things to do on Osmanbey Street in Istanbul

• There are places for walking and walking around the street to get to know the culture of Istanbul and the bustling streets of the city. Dear tourists, you can also buy many souvenirs from the shops on the street.

Osman Bey Street Istanbul

• Istanbul clothing markets are one of the favorite places that tourists come to during their tours in Istanbul, and one of the best of these markets is the Osman Pasha Istanbul market which is popular and urban, where you will have the possibility to get acquainted with the culture of Istanbul people and its crowded streets.

Othman Bey Street

• Rumeli Othman Bey Street has proven its worth in a distinguished way, as it is characterized by the finest types of clothing, cosmetics, watches, bags and shoes. You can also buy many souvenirs.

Othman Beik Street

• Take a rest in one of the cafes of the Osmanbey area in Istanbul and enjoy the taste of authentic Turkish tea or coffee, and you can taste some of the famous Turkish sweets.

Rumeli Othman Bey Street

• You can follow your tour and visit the Osman Jarcese Mosque, one of the most important tourist attractions on Osmanbey Street in Istanbul, which is characterized by its wonderful designs, and it is one of the ancient mosques that gives the place a sophisticated and calm character.

Osman Jarcese Mosque in Osmanbey

• At the end of this wonderful tour you must feel hungry, so head to one of Rumeli Othman Bey restaurants that compete in providing the most delicious international and local cuisine.

Osmanpaşa market in Istanbul

• After the end of your street tour, you can continue the tour by passing through the landmarks near the street, such as Nisantasi Street, Ataturk Museum and Sisli Street

Osmanbey Market in Istanbul

The Osmanpaşa market in Istanbul includes a large number of shops, which will provide you with the best opportunities to purchase the finest types at cheap prices .. Read more

Osmanbey district in Istanbul

Osmanbey Street site in Istanbul

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