One of the most important tourist places in Spain and the largest squares in the whole country are the Plaza de Madrid, plaza mayor de Madrid.
It is considered one of the most important landmarks of Madrid, established by King Philip III in the seventeenth century in 1617 AD, to be an arena for carrying out executions, and then it became an arena for bullfighting.

Plaza Mayor Madrid

The statue of Madrid is surrounded by the statue of King Philip, with an area of ​​1 hectare, overlooking the square 136 houses and 4377 balcony to see all that goes on in the square, where it holds official and traditional ceremonies, surrounded by buildings and ancient religious monuments.

Plaza Mayor Madrid

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Things to do in Plaza Mayor Madrid

• Walk around the square and get to know the architectural style of it and the models of the old Spanish building, where the houses overlooking it have old windows.

Plaza Mayor Madrid

• Shopping within the markets distributed in the Plaza Mayor Madrid and buying the most beautiful small souvenirs and distinctive handcrafted woodwork.

Plaza Mayor Madrid

• Attending one of the local and cultural festivals and festivals and shows held inside the square, especially the New Year atmosphere

Plaza Mayor Madrid

• Sitting in one of the cafes and restaurants inside and eating traditional Spanish meals and international meals.

The Grand Plaza (Yalla Mayor)

Visiting the Lacaza de la Bandaría Palace in the south of the square and taking an exploratory tour inside the palace.

Plaza Mayor Madrid

• Get a portrait drawing for yourself or one of your loved ones from the painters inside the square.
• Taking memorial photos of you while you are in the square with one of the landmarks and activities that take place inside the square.

Plaza Mayor Madrid

Hotels near Plaza Mayor Madrid

Puerta del Sol is one of the best 3-star hotels in Spain and is 0.4 km from the Grand Place.

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The NH Collection 5-star Madrid hotel is located 1 km from Madrid’s Grand Place

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