The neskuchny garden is the oldest garden in Moscow at all. It is located on the right bank of the Moscow River, next to the Central Park for Culture and Recreation, with an area in front of it of green areas that overlooks the third ring road, and therefore easy to access from all directions. The establishment of this ancient garden in 1834 AD.

Niskushny Park Moscow

The park has thousands of species of plants that have been moved from the Solikamsk Botanical Garden, with palm trees and trees from tropical countries. On the platform of the fifth summit there is a wonderful large water pond and poultry yard with rare species of birds and animals from the Netherlands and England.
In addition, there are a number of barns and greenhouses devoted to the cultivation of pineapple, grapes and a number of other fruits and plants.

Niskushny Park, Moscow

The best activities in Niskushny Moscow

• The garden is an ideal place to spend the best times in the open air between the huge trees and the beautiful flowers with friends and family. You can play football, tennis and even bike with your children.

Niskushny Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Moscow

• For sports and movement lovers, the park has tracks dedicated to running and walking, and there are seating areas that provide you with a comprehensive view of the garden and its wide green area, which is definitely a calm and relaxing sight away from the city noise and congestion.
• You can also go on a river tour by renting a boat, enjoy watching the clear waters during the summer, known for its splendor within the Russian lands, and explore the garden and river banks surrounding a number of museums surrounded by ancient buildings and beautiful old bridges.

Niskushny Park is one of the most important tourist places in Moscow

• For lovers of old fashioned archeological sites for beautiful Gothic colonists, you will love visiting Count Orlov’s historic house inside the garden walls, which has become a library, a reading hall, and some ancient monuments inside it, such as marble parasols.

Niskushny Park is one of the best places to visit in Moscow

• For children there are their own playgrounds that have a set of safe games where they will spend a nice nice time amongst the rags and in front of landscapes singing and they can also buy pills and feed and play squirrels.

Niskushny Park Moscow

• Take photos between trees and old buildings in a garden filled with beautiful flowers, birds and squirrels. You will love taking a picture of you in front of the arched stone bridge that you can keep from your trip to the park during your visit to the most important tourist attractions in Russia Moscow.

Necution Moscow Park

• Certainly, after a long and enjoyable tour of Niskushny Moscow, you will want to eat. You can visit one of the wonderful restaurants on the banks of the river by the garden and enjoy the most delicious dishes with a wonderful view of the garden and the river.

Niskushny Park in Moscow

The best hotels are near Moscow Niskushny Park

Leninsky Apartments is 0.8 km from Niskoshny Moscow Park
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The apartments were rated excellent in every respect.
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The two-star Hotel Zodiac of Moscow is 0.9 km from Niskohny Moscow
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The hotel got very good reviews for the location, cleanliness, staff.
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The site of Niskushny Moscow

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