Orangerie Park is one of the largest parks in Strasbourg, France. It is one of the oldest parks in France and has a wonderful design rich in flowers and perennial trees and large numbers of rare plants.
The park is one of the tourist places in France, where it is considered a unique outlet for Strasbourg, as it is an outlet for the city’s residents and tourists coming to the city.

Orange Garden Strasbourg

The orange garden contributes to European animal husbandry programs, as it hosts a group of animals, mostly birds, which made the park attract large numbers of tourists because of its diversity, especially those who love beautiful nature, roses and pets.

Things to do in Orange Park

• You can take family and friends and wander around the garden and enjoy watching the types of flowers and plants, or sit in front of the lake and relax for a light meal in the arms of the wonderful nature.

Orange Garden Strasbourg

• Orange Park includes many facilities suitable for exercising. For example, you can go walking and jogging in the designated paths in the park.
• You can enjoy boating and making a beautiful tour with those you love around the park, where boats are available for rent at reasonable prices, you can get one of them and sail inside the lake.

Orange Garden Strasbourg

• Children have a share of fun in the Orange Park, where there are areas for children’s games, you can monitor your children playing with these games, which are safe, and there are paths intended for small cars for children to ride, and it is very fun that you can share your children in their rides.
• Watching many types of animals and birds in the zoo attached to the orange garden, such as storks, ducks, geese, squirrels, kangaroos, and many other types that your children will enjoy watching and trying to feed.

Orange Garden Strasbourg

• Prepare yourself to take a wonderful set of memorial photos in front of the lake in the garden and next to the natural landmarks and artificial waterfalls that form a natural artistic painting that you keep as a souvenir when you return.
• You can finally sit in the restaurant on the edge of the lake in the orange park of Tasersburg and have a special meal amid the enchanting landscape around you.

Orange Garden Strasbourg

work hours

It is open daily around the clock.
Admission is free to the park.

Strasbourg Orange Park Hotels – Strasbourg

Le John Sebastian Bach Hotel 4 stars of the best Strasbourg hotels, about half km from the Orangery park in Strasbourg
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The apartments are rated very good for the location, cleanliness, and facilities.
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Hotel des Princesses 3 stars of the best hotels in France, about 1 km from the Orange Park in Strasbourg
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The hotel got great reviews in every way.
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The Orangery park in Strasbourg

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