Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the most important tourist attractions in Australia and one of the most famous Australian botanical gardens in the world. It is located along the southern bank of the Yarra River in the heart of Melbourne.
The gardens are located on an area of ​​38 hectares, which includes a picturesque blend of local Australian plants and plants, including more than 10,000 individual plant varieties.
The Gardens have a second division in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, about 45 km southeast of the city, which occupies only 363 hectares of local Australian plants.

Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Activities you can do

• You can wander through the breathtaking nature that will amaze you with its diversity and multiple colors, which includes many seats with great views.

Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne

• You can also visit a craft hut that includes many art and craft exhibits, handcrafted.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne

You can definitely visit the many site gardens such as California Garden, Camellia Garden, Cactus Garden and Tropical Greenhouse.

Royal Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Melbourne

• Your children will have a lot of fun visiting the Children’s Garden, a unique garden designed to bring joy into their hearts, and includes exciting educational methods.

Royal Botanical Gardens is one of the most important tourist places in Melbourne

You must pass the 19th Century Melbourne Observatory, which is located on a hill adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens and includes a café.

Royal Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne

• You can also enjoy cafes and shops throughout, there are also many exotic buildings, antique gazebos, and round lounge rooms.

The round rooms of the Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne

• The most beautiful activities you can take are a boat trip that takes you on a traditional half hour sailing tour of the picturesque Al Zukhruf Lake.

Lake decoration round in Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens

Entry prices

For every activity a certain price and you can learn more by visiting the official website of the gardens ..from here

work hours

Every day from 7:30 in the morning until sunset, you can download a map to easily walk around the park from here

Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens Hotels – Melbourne

Quest Dandenong Central is a 4-star hotel in Melbourne with excellent reviews, and is 1.2 km from the gardens.
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The location is excellent, the staff are friendly and helpful, some visitors complained of some slight noise during the night.
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Bentley Dandenong is a 5-star hotel in Melbourne, Australia with very good reviews, less than 2 km from the gardens.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent, with attractive views, the staff is very helpful, and the rooms are comfortable.
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Site of the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens

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