Rijks Museum Amsterdam is one of the most important and most popular museums in Amsterdam, where more than one million visitors come annually.
The museum includes 200 important artworks, most of them dating back to the seventeenth century, as well as a large number of paintings of Dutch painters alongside statues and other works, and is one of the most important places of tourism in Amsterdam.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Things to do in the Rick’s Museum

• You will lose the sense of time as you wander through the huge number of paintings and pieces of famous Dutch artists such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt and others, and the wonderful pieces and sculptures, some of which bear scenes of Dutch history.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the Rijksmuseum holds many temporary exhibitions throughout the year that are very popular with contemporary Dutch artists.

The Rijksmuseum is one of the most important museums in Amsterdam
• Besides the museum and its splendor, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a distinctive Dutch dessert in one of the cafes adjacent to the Rikks Museum or have lunch in one of the neighboring restaurants as well.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

• You can also buy some souvenirs documenting your visit to the ancient Rick’s Museum from the souvenir and gift shop located next to the Reeks Museum entrance.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the most important places of tourism in the Netherlands
• If you are interested in reading and history, you can visit the library of the Rijksmuseum, which includes thousands of books on Dutch history and others, and inside the library there are old stamps for stamp collectors.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
For children, the Rick’s Museum provides workshops for children to teach them the arts under the supervision of specialized artists and children can participate from the age of six where children can enjoy their time inside the museum.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Finally, you can stay a little outside the Rick’s Museum, where you can enjoy the view of the lake advancing the museum building, and you can also take some distinguished photos in this area. It is worth noting that during the winter period, part of the square opposite the museum turns into a ski yard, you can enjoy this exciting experience.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam


Everyday from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm.

Entry prices

17.50 euros for adults.
Free entry for those under 18 years of age.
For more information about the museum, you can visit its official website .. from here

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam location on the map

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