Tourism in Istanbul has gained its place as the most important tourist destination in Turkey from its prestigious historical center, which left a lot of monuments and evidence from the Ottoman times to the present day.

It is not possible to complete your trip to Istanbul without going through the Asian Istanbul and visiting the most famous malls of Istanbul in the world, especially the Istanbul malls on the Asian side, it has special charm and luster.

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Istanbul Asian hotels

Istanbul includes in its Asian side, in addition to high-end markets, a group of the best Istanbul hotels, and on this tab you will find the best accommodation options in the Asian section of the city we have chosen for you .. Read more

Istanbul malls on the Asian side

The best Istanbul Asian malls

Water Garden Istanbul

It is one of the best malls in Istanbul on the Asian side and one of the most famous shopping and entertainment centers in Turkey, if you want to get a full shopping tour then you are in the right center so that the mall provides a large number of stores for sale and international brands, from electronics, accessories, watches, Products, and accessories for children.

You can also enjoy sitting in a cafe in front of the artificial water bodies, but if you are a fan of excitement and fun you can challenge your friends in the game of bowling inside a hall in the mall .. Read more

Istanbul Asian malls

Emaar Mall Istanbul

Emaar Mall Istanbul is distinguished by being one of the best Asian malls in Istanbul, combining various shopping options that attract tourists, with entertainment options and game centers, you will find a large number of products that you are looking for in good quality, and one of its best features is that you will have a large number of entertainment activities Inside the aquarium inside the mall .. Read more

Istanbul malls on the Asian side

Via Port Istanbul

Via Port Mall is one of the best malls in Istanbul, Asia, where the mall includes one of the largest amusement parks in Istanbul, the mall contains 250 diverse stores of high quality, from clothing, furniture and home decor, to furnishings, etc. The mall also includes a full bowling hall, in addition to a club For dressage .. read more

The best Istanbul Asian malls

Capitol Mall Istanbul

Capitol Mall is considered one of the best malls in Istanbul, Asia, as it is one of the largest malls in Istanbul, and it consists of 6 floors that include more than 155 stores, as it includes many restaurants, entertainment places and movie theaters, while for children they can spend fun times in amusement parks Designated for them, which includes a wide range of electronic and action games as well as video games … Read more

Malls in Istanbul

Acacia Mall Istanbul

Akasia Mall Istanbul is one of the most luxurious shopping malls, which offers its visitors the largest international famous brands, and the number of stores in the mall is 257 including furniture, watches, clothes, accessories, shoes and bags .. Read more

Istanbul Asian malls

Brandium Mall Istanbul

The mall extends to three floors that include a large number of stores selling all kinds of products, including women and men clothes, children’s clothes, leather products, perfumes, electronics, and entertainment centers. If you are a movie fan, the cinema theater inside the mall offers the latest international movies .. Read more

The best malls in Asian Istanbul

Tepe Nautilus Istanbul

The distinctive location of Tibb Nautilus, which overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara, made it a place for local visitors and tourists. You can start touring the mall, which has a number of 130 stores. You can also collect the best gifts and souvenirs from the elegant mall stores. Children or adults can also enjoy the game of bowling through the modern fully equipped halls provided by the mall .. Read more

Malls in Asian Istanbul

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