The Bebek region is one of the most prominent tourism destinations in Turkey, specifically in European Istanbul, which has a fascinating and entertaining coastal climate due to its location on the Bosphorus Strait and the interest of its inhabitants from the city’s rich people, in addition to a limited group of Ottoman monuments dating back to the era of Prime Minister Ibrahim Pasha.
Earlier and before this era, the upscale neighborhood of the municipality of Besiktas was a small village bearing the name of Hilay (harbors) inhabited by fishers and rested by ships during their long voyages, before carrying the name of the officer responsible for his protection during the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.
Now the neighborhood has become one of the most important and famous tourist destinations in Istanbul for family entertainment and one of the most famous tourist areas in Istanbul
During the article, we review the most important activities that can be taken when visiting high-end Istanbul Bebek, as well as the best Bebek hotels.

Bebek Istanbul

Bebek Istanbul hotels

Bebek Istanbul is distinguished by its location on the sea, where the most prestigious international hotels and resorts that have won the approval of all Arab and foreign visitors, as well as its average cost according to the budgets of the guests, enjoy high levels of hotel services and wellness facilities, in this tab we collected a bunch of the best Istanbul hotels In the Bebek area .. read more

Bebek Istanbul hotels

The most important things to do in Bebek Istanbul

Bebek Istanbul has a group of the most beautiful recreational tourist sites that attract the attention of tourists and families to carry out a range of enjoyable activities, such as:

Asian Museum

If you are an amateur and interested in the literary field, you can get close to your situation by visiting this museum, which displays the progress of the greatest artists of modern and contemporary literature in Asia and the world and their most important literary works.
It is worth noting that the Asian Museum or the Asian Museum of Bebek Istanbul was originally an embellished house by the Turkish poet Tawfiq Fikret until 1915 before turning into the Museum in 1945.

Bebek Istanbul Street

Bebek Park

It is one of the best and most famous recreational and tourist places ideal for families and children overlooking the Bebek Istanbul coast, where they can relax between the varieties of scattered plants and flowers and the enchanting view of the sea, while children have fun on the beach and their entertainment area.
Tourists from the region can also buy valuable assortments of souvenirs from nearby stores, as well as experience the fine restaurants and cafes of the Bebek coast.
Bebek Istanbul Park covers an area of ​​16 thousand square meters. It was opened for the first time in 1908 and underwent a renovation in 2008 and it includes a group of large and durable trees.

Bebek Coast Istanbul

Asian Park

Among the parks in Istanbul, Bebek Istanbul, you can enjoy a calm environment, relaxation and relaxation among the greenery and charming sea view, with a visit to the nearby Asian Poets Museum.
The park is an ideal location for hiking and hobby enthusiasts, as well as providing great family and romantic sessions with the most beautiful views.

Bebek Istanbul neighborhood

Ayazma Park

One of the best hiking spots with family and children in the Bebek area where they can trek and take advantage of the hiking trails provided by the park among the vast expanses of plants and greenery, while young children have fun in their play area.

Bebek Istanbul restaurants

Cadillac Yacht Club

The yacht club is one of the best high-end tourism places in Istanbul’s Bebek area, where the club includes a huge marina for yachts and tourist ships owned by the wealthy of the region and can be rented for a wonderful cruise along the coast of Bebek Istanbul, enjoy fishing and see the most famous tourist attractions in the distance.

Bebek Coast Istanbul

Attractions near Bebek

There are many attractions near the Bebek area that you can visit, the most important of which is Rumeli Hisar Castle, as well as Emirgan Istanbul Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the city

Emirgan Park near Istanbul Bebek area

Shopping in Bebek

Bebek Istanbul Street includes a series of giant shopping centers and high-end stores for the most famous international fashion brands, where you can buy the most luxurious outfits for international fashion and fashion lines that suit different races, tastes and ages, with a number of valuable souvenirs or precious jewelry, perfumes and luxury accessories from the malls of the Bebek region In modern Istanbul.

Bebek Istanbul restaurants

Bebek Istanbul has an endless number of fine restaurants and cafes that provide its customers with delicious local and international meals and delicious drinks with wonderful views of the Bebek coast and its garden. For example, you can taste endless types of fish and fresh seafood and enjoy the traditional Turkish flavor of kebabs and kofta.
Learn the best restaurants on Istanbul’s Beybik Street in this article … read more

Bebek Istanbul restaurants

Bebek region on Google map

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