King Hussein Gardens is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city of Amman, which is developed with a vision of private ownership.
The gardens currently include several facilities, such as the Cultural Village, the Hussein Mosque, the Royal Automobile Museum, and a children’s museum, along with decorative walls and gates.
The Gardens project started with the aim of presenting the country’s cultural heritage through formulating and presenting it in a contemporary way that suits the technological developments of the new millennium era.
The gardens include several prominent and important sites that embody the desired goal in preserving Jordan’s architectural heritage and emphasizing the aesthetics of its historical culture.
The gardens, which started as a place for excursions, are now popular destinations in Jordan and offer a variety of activities, in addition to national celebrations and festivals.

A scene of King Hussein Gardens in Amman

The best activities in King Hussein Gardens in Amman Jordan

• You and your children enjoy a walking tour of the beautiful nature gardens, which are perfect for hiking, hiking and jogging.

The green nature of King Hussein Gardens in Amman

• Begin your visit at the mosque of the late King Hussein of the country, Hussein Bin Talal, which is located on a plateau 1013 meters above sea level.

Hussein Bin Talal Mosque in the gardens of King Hussein in Amman

• Then visit the Royal Automobile Museum, established by the King of Jordan to commemorate his father, and which displays a variety of picturesque cars.

Royal Automobile Museum at King Hussein Gardens in Amman

• Give your children the pleasure to visit the Children’s Museum, which is located near the Automobile Museum, which offers educational activities in an exciting framework of play and fun.

The Children's Museum at King Hussein Gardens in Amman

Don’t forget to tour the History Corridor, which features stunning paintings displaying the country’s history on a 488-meter wall.

History corridor in the gardens of King Hussein in Amman

• There is nothing wrong with a fun outing with your family in the circular square that will give you a suitable location for your children to play and to take beautiful memorial photos.

The circular square in the gardens of King Hussein in Amman

You can also visit the Cultural Village, where you will find stunning displays of a range of Jordanian handicrafts such as stone carvings, embroidered fabrics, and others.

Some of the cultural village exhibits in King Hussein Gardens in Amman

• Then, they ate a delicious meal in the Cultural Village Café, which includes an outdoor lounge, and offers various types of traditional Jordanian and international meals.

Cultural Village Restaurant in King Hussein Gardens in Amman

King Hussein Gardens tickets prices in Amman

One Jordanian dinar per person, equivalent to $ 1.41.


Everyday from 8 in the morning until 12 at night.

The best hotels near King Hussein Gardens in Amman

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King Hussein Gardens site in Amman

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