Oeschinen Lake is 1578 meters above sea level.

Offering something from everyone’s paddling and recreation with family, for breakfast and snowboarding, to mountain climbing for adventure lovers.

Amidst snowy mountains, green forests and meadows, the Ocean Sea Interlaken is a hidden gem to offer the best fun experiences during Switzerland’s tourism.

In the next lines, you will learn about the best activities that can be done in the Ocean Sea Lake

Activities you can do in the Ocean Sea Interlaken

Together we address the best activities that can be enjoyed and enjoyed in the arms of nature in the Ocean Sea lake, which is one of the best tourist places in Interlaken to practice many interesting and distinctive activities.

• The journey to the Ocean Sea Interlaken begins by taking the train to the village of Kandersteg, then to get off and walk to the lake.

Entrance to the lake is completely free and does not require the purchase of any type of ticket.

But tickets must be purchased for some different activities.

Throughout the train journey, you will enjoy wonderful scenic views of the green plains embraced by the steep Alps.

Ocean C Interlaken can be visited all day and in all seasons of the year.

This is because activities in the lake can be done in summer and winter, and admission to the lake is free.

The spectacle of nature spectacle never ends when visiting the Ocean Sea Lake

Snowboarding in the winter where everyone can ski even if you don’t have any experience doing this exciting sport.

When visiting the Ocean Sea Lake in winter, you will enjoy unique activities

For professionals and adventure enthusiasts, you can climb the mountains surrounding the lake between rock paths in an experience full of excitement and adrenaline.

You can climb the mountains located next to the Ocean Sea Interlaken lake

• boat rental, sailing and canoeing in the middle of the lake Ocean Sea Switzerland and enjoying the clear blue waters.

You can paddle with the Ocean Sea Interlaken

Relax and enjoy the enchanting nature and unique views that make the Ocean Sea Lake a destination for Interlaken tourism.

You will enjoy relaxing by sitting next to the ocean of Lake Sea Switzerland

• Eat breakfast and enjoy the scenic views and fresh air, as the lake is surrounded by many restaurants that offer the tastiest and most delicious cuisine.

Visit the blue lake in Interlaken, which has a crystal clear water color.

The waters of the Ocean Sea Interlaken lake are clear blue

• Enjoy the experience of surfing in nature in the Interlaken summer slide, which is the fastest in the slides in Switzerland.

The slide works between May and October each year and closes on rainy days.

A summer slide can be visited in summer

Top hotels near the Ocean Sea Lake

Waldhotel Deldornen is one of the best hotels in the Ocean Sea of ​​Switzerland, 5.3 km from the lake.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Arab visitors praised the hotel’s location, the friendly staff, the quality of the food served and the distinctive view.

Hotel reservation

The 3-star Alpha Soleil Hotel is 4.3 km from the lake site.

It is one of the unique Interlaken hotels, a must stay when visiting the lake.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Arab visitors praised the space of the rooms, the professionalism of the hotel staff, and the charming view from the top of the mountain.

Hotel reservation

Lake Ocean Sea location on the map

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