The city of Trabzon is the largest city in the northern region of Turkey, and by virtue of its presence on the coast it enjoys wonderful coastal views along with various parks and wildlife. And when you make a tourist trip to any place in the world, the gardens and parks are lazy, where the relaxed nature is quiet between the beauty of the greenery of trees and the breezes of cool air away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and whatever you search around the Turkish entity, you will not find more beautiful than Trabzon parks, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey.

Best hotels in Trabzon

Trabzon is a coastal city by its nature. There is no doubt that its best hotels enjoy a panoramic view of the sea or the city. Trabzon has a chain of high-end hotels.

Trabzon parks

The best parks of Trabzon

Trabzon parks are one of the most famous parks in the northern Turkish, because of its charming nature, captivating hearts and eyes, we will leave you now with a group including:

Trabzon National Park

One of the most beautiful Trabzon National Gardens where forests and dense trees are very green with earthly rocks that collide with the water of a small waterfall in a wonderful view.

Trabzon parks

Gornick Tabiat Park

One of the most beautiful parks in Trabzon that you will be happy to visit, as the green areas littering steep hills are surrounded by clouds and thick fog from everywhere.

Trabzon parks

Cal Camille Tabiat Park

It is one of Trabzon’s ideal parks for a peaceful atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation, especially in the warm atmosphere between a series of giant trees, lawns and a stylish wooden cottage to sit.

Trabzon Gardens

Mountain Nature Park

A magnificent park ideal for a panoramic view of the beautiful city from the highest mountain heights overlooking it with dense green trees and weeds littering the mountains, lakes and rivers that pass beneath it.

Trabzon parks in Turkey

Tabiat Park

It is a large park located near the Belmidik Plateau and the famous Taurus Mountains, and it is distinguished by its centuries-old giant trees with tombs, ancient bridges and ruins of ancient buildings. It is ideal for camping trips between green and national wildlife.

Trabzon Gardens in Turkey

Sultan Murad Plateau Park

From Trabzon gardens, ideal for snowboarding during the winter months, the green park located above the famous Murad Heights is surrounded by a set of somewhat rugged snow trails.

Recreation Trabzon Turkey

Sormin Camporno Park

An ideal place for climbing enthusiasts, camping and safari tours among the dense forests where a series of massive green trees decorate the mountains with a set of wooden huts and walking paths.

Trabzon Turkey Gardens

Zagnus Valley Park

It is an ideal area for family and children outings, after completing your tour of the nearby monuments, you can pass the park to enjoy the green and swan lake that distinguishes it from other parks in Trabzon.

Recreation Trabzon

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