Kazlai Square is the center of the vibrant life of Ankara, where buildings and commercial centers are high, shopping places that greatly stimulate tourism in Ankara, and it is one of the most important fields that the Turkish people use in demonstrations.
It is a field that is always crowded with transients, whether they are foreign tourists or Turkish residents, and it is one of the most important landmarks of tourism in Turkey, and when the evening comes, all the big commercial centers are closed and it is the turn of the street vendors who spread the field with their distinguished handmade products.

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The best activities in Ankara

• You can take commemorative photos with the ancient statues in Ankara Kızılay Square to remain among the most beautiful memories, as the pigeons surround you in all aspects.

Kozly in Ankara Turkey

• Shopping in the Kızılay Square, which contains many shopping centers that sell all international products and brands.

Kizlay region of Ankara

• It is considered one of the best places to sell various types of fresh fish with low prices.

Kozly Ankara Turkey

Spend a fun time in the Kızılay Square of Ankara, where many great concerts are taking place, which greatly attract tourists.

Ankara Kezlay Turkey

• There are many restaurants and cafes available in the Kızılay Square of Ankara that serve the best foods, drinks and snacks.

Kizlay region in Ankara, Turkey

• When you feel tired, you can sit in the garden surrounding the Kızılay area in Ankara, which is characterized by the presence of a lake in the middle of a wonderful dancing fountain with a lot of trees that shade the places designated for sitting.

• Go to the Kizlay Square in Ankara and enjoy walking and wandering with your family and friends in this lively and bustling field of passers-by.

Ankara Kozly

• For lovers of sweets and chocolates, enjoy their great taste in the Ankara Kezlai Maiden, where there is a center specialized in making and selling delicious sweets.

Kozly in Ankara

• You can move to and from the field with ease as there is a lot of transportation means you can ride the subway, taxi or bus.

Ankara Kezlay in Turkey

Hotels near Ankara Kizlay Square

Pera Ankara Hotel is one of the best 5-star Ankara hotels, which is located near the Kizlay Square, Ankara, about 0.8 km.
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Pera Ankara Hotel has received very good reviews on cleanliness, comfort, services, staff, and great location reviews.
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The Latania Hotel Ankara is one of the most beautiful hotels in Turkey, which is just 0.9 km from the Kızılay Square of Ankara.
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The Latania Hotel Ankara has received great reviews for the staff, location, cleanliness, comfort.
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The location of the Kizlay Square on the map

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