The ancient name of the ancient italyn city of Bologna will be recognized by Arab travelers, in addition to the most important tourist areas in Bologna, and the best times to visit this charming city. The ancient charm of Bologna has not yet faded, as this city was built in the eleventh century to be the crossroads of culture in Europe and remains to this day.

The ancient name of the city of Bologna

When Bobonia was built by the Etruscans, it was called “Felsina”. It was built in 534 BC, and it was inhabited by farmers who worked in caring for sheep and growing simple crops in their lands.
One of the Gallic tribes called “Boy” seized the city in the fourth century before the birth of Christ, and it is said that this tribe is the reason for calling this city the name of Bologna or as it is said in italyn Bologna.
There were many difficult and difficult moments in Bologna, and Nero rebuilt it again in the first century AD. Then the city developed over the ages and joined European progress and development in the fifth century when Bishop Petronos came to rule.
The University of Bologna was built in the eleventh century, which is considered one of the oldest and most important universities in all of Europe, and the city began to expand and abolished slavery and feudalism in the thirteenth century AD, and thus is considered one of the first cities that interested in applying this law in all of Europe.
Today, Bologna is considered one of the most important cities in Italy and all of Europe, and certainly one of the richest regions in the world where there are many advanced and contemporary industries around it, such as leather and technical industries, the auto industry and some of the most important cosmetic industries in the world are concentrated in Bologna.
The inhabitants of Bologna are famous for their culture and their love for art and knowledge, and for this reason the city of Bologna has been declared the European Capital of Culture in the whole world for the year 2000 AD, it is undisputedly the city of the first intellectuals.

Tourism in Bologna

The historical city of Bologna is characterized by the presence of many different tourist attractions, some of which date back to the Middle Ages. There are also many oblique towers and historical churches. Here is the most important thing you should know about tourism in Bologna:

The best times for tourism in Bologna

The city of Bologna is calm and quiet compared to other professions that are crowded with italyn cities, and the spring and summer period is the best time to visit Bologna due to the improved weather conditions.
The period from April to June is the best time to visit the city, and temperatures in this period range from approximately 19 to 26, which is a perfect weather for wandering between the old city and sightseeing in the city.
The autumn period is also suitable for visiting the city, as temperatures decrease significantly in the month of October, which makes wandering around the city’s streets much easier.
You can visit the city at other times if you want to avoid congestion in the streets, especially since prices in the city rise significantly in times of crowded tourists.

The best places of tourism in Bologna

Choosing the right place from among all the picturesque tourist places is very difficult, as this city is distinguished by the presence of a large group of distinctive monuments, the most important of which are:
Bologna water towers
Bologna is characterized by the presence of a group of water towers remaining in it from the twelfth century, and these towers are:
Torre Garcinda Tower – Torre delle Ascenelli Tower, these towers were built in the past to be a place of observation and protection of the city while in the current era they are climbing by tourists coming to the city for fun and taking pictures of the city from above.
Fountain of Del Nettuno
This fountain is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bologna, and many local and local people gather around it to sing and enjoy each other’s company.
This tourist area is one of the best places to shop, as there are many shops for international and local brands that you can shop from.
San Petronio Church
This church is one of the oldest and most important tourist areas in the city of Bologna, where it was built in the fourteenth century, and this church is characterized by its wide area, which was planned to be larger than the Church of St. Peter in Rome.
Many tourists and the people of the city go to the church to pray and enjoy its distinctive building and archaeological façades, and the church has a museum to display the most important designs that one day, the famous engineer “Andrea Palladio”
In the end, if you are planning to spend your vacation in Europe, I strongly advise you to visit the ancient city of Bologna, and spend time in it to enjoy its beautiful ruins and take unforgettable pictures.

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