The ancient ruins of Yemen

المسافرون العرب

The old city of Taiz

The city of Taiz is located on the southwestern Yemeni highlands, specifically close to the town of Moka, which is located at the foot of Jabal Saber. This city has occupied an important and strategic location in central Yemen, which contributed to the development of trade and commercial exchange, and thus became the third largest cultural center in Yemen. .
It is worth noting that Taiz was governed by several dynasties, among them: the Sulayhid dynasty, and the Ayyubid dynasty, during which they became the seat of the Ayyubid treasury, and an Ayyubid stronghold, yet this city reached its golden age during the period between the years 1229-1454 AD as the capital of the Apostolic Family, That during its rule, luxurious palaces were built in it, in addition to mosques, religious schools, and various other monuments.

Old city of Sanaa

The city of Sana’a is the capital of northern Yemen, and it was one of the oldest cities in the world inhabited continuously for more than 2,500 years. It also became a major center for spreading Islamic religion in the seventh and eighth centuries.
It is important to mention that Sana’a includes many archaeological, historical, and religious monuments, the most important of which are: the Great Mosque, the historic wall of Sana’a, steam baths, and other monuments, and it is worth noting that the city is bordered on the north by the city of Imran, and on the southern side by the city of Dhamar , Marib, and Al-Jawf from the eastern side, and Al-Hodeidah from the west.

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Historic city of Zabid

Zabid is one of the coastal cities in the Tihama region in western Yemen, and it is distinguished by its historical and archaeological importance, as it occupied a historic site, and a remarkable archaeological site represented by being a circular city fortified with four steadfast gates, in addition to that it was the capital of Yemen from the thirteenth century until the fifth century Ten; it had an important and prominent role in spreading Islam during the first years of immigration, and it also contains the Islamic University, which receives many students from all over the world; to obtain knowledge, and study various sciences. It is worth noting that the city of Zabid is famous for its architecture, which is reflected in the archaeological remains of that region.

Yemeni Dar Al-Hajar Palace

Dar Al-Hajar Palace is one of the most amazing, historical, and historical buildings in Yemen, as it is built on a high natural rocky summit, in the Middle Eastern style in the thirties of the last century, by the Islamic ruler Yahya Muhammad Hamid al-Din, whose palace is one of the wonderful examples On the Yemeni architecture, nowadays it has been refurbished to become a unique museum that can be visited, and to move between its parts represented by kitchens, storage rooms, and meeting rooms connected by twisted stairs inside the five-story building.

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