The French Polynesia group, with a population of more than 280,000, is officially state land belonging to the French state since 1946.
Most of the Polynesian islands are volcanic in origin and its coasts are surrounded by coral reefs, and it includes many islands, the most important of which are Bora Bora, Moria and Tahiti, which is the largest island in which the capital is Papeete. Some also speak Chinese and some unknown languages.

The distinguished location between the western United States and Australia made the Polynesia Islands a prominent tourist destination, its wonderful marine environment gives tourists opportunities to carry out various activities, and marine sports are like diving and surfing the most prominent, as the island’s environment gives the opportunity for those who want walking and meditation trips in green areas, except for its atmosphere Moderate all year round.

Nature is not the only thing unique in Polynesia. The islands also have commercial areas that sell various goods. Tourism investment is witnessing a big boom in Polynesia, in addition to pearling, commercial fishing that generates big profits, and some developing manufacturing industries.

The beauty of nature and the friendliness of the population, as well as the cities with a distinctive character, make the French Polynesia islands a prominent tourist site on the map of global tourism.

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