The Great Clock Tower in Adana is one of the most important features that distinguish the Turkish city of Adana, as it is the longest clock tower in all of Turkey, the height of the Great Clock Tower is about 32 meters. The watch makes a distinctive sound at every one hour’s passage to teach people about the exact time. The construction of the clock tower dates back to 1882. The clock tower is one of the most important places of tourism in Adana

The clock tower in Adana

The best activities in the adana clock tower

• Do not miss the visitors of the city of Adana, visiting the clock tower in order to see it and hear its distinctive sound at every hour head, and they also like to take pictures of him to be a souvenir of their visit to this place.

Great clock tower in Adana

• Visitors also love to take pictures of them with the Great Clock Tower when visiting Adana as one of the important and famous monuments in all of Turkey.

Adana Clock Tower

• You can also wander around the Great Clock Tower, where there are many Turkish people, as well as popular cafes that you can visit for hot and cold drinks.

The clock tower is one of the best places for tourism in Adana, Turkey

The best hotels near the clock tower in Adana

Surmeli Adana, one of Adana’s hotels, is 800 meters from Adana Clock Tower.
The opinions of Arab visitors on this hotel
Most Arab visitors gave him a good rating for the site.
Hotel reservation
Adana Hilton Hotel, a hotel in Adana, is 800 meters away from the Great Clock Tower in Adana.
The opinions of Arab visitors on this hotel
Most of the Arab visitors gave him a very good evaluation of the location, the view and the distinctive breakfast.
Hotel reservation

The clock tower site in Adana

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