The Bursa Kent Museum (in Turkish: Bursa Kent Müzesi), located on Ataturk Street, was opened on February 14, 2004 AD. This museum, which consists of 3 floors, was organized in a modern way, in which the history of Bursa and its cultural, commercial, economic, geographic, social and touristic nature are displayed. Through documents, documents and live photos.

Things you can do

• Visitors can see in this museum the entire history of the city of Bursa, which dates back to seven thousand years, starting from the Romen, Byzantine and Ottoman eras to this day.
The moment you enter the Bursa City Museum on the ground floor, you will begin to learn about the history of Bursa and you will see the time development of this wonderful city, in which you can see how the castle and the birth of the Prusa Empire were captured, as you will see the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and this section ends with the end of the War of Independence as it started Bursa is a new era.

Bursa City Museum is one of the most famous landmarks of Turkey Stock Exchange

On the first floor, the Bursa Museum invites you to go back to the past to see how the people of Bursa lived in the past.

Bursa City Museum is one of the most famous historical museums in Bursa

On the upper floor, the Bursa Museum displays details of the arts and crafts of the city’s residents, such as carpenters, brass, ceramic makers, knives, confectioners, and more.

Bursa Historical Museum

• You can follow a lot of cultural and artistic activities in this museum of the Municipality of Bursa, such as conferences, exhibitions and plays. A European Appreciation Award was granted to this museum in the year 2006 AD, for the activities that this museum carried out in order to serve the city’s culture.
• You can go through the Stepashi area near the museum, which contains many distinctive shops in addition to high-end cafes and restaurants.

Turkey Stock Exchange Museum

Times of visiting the Bursa city museum

The museum is available for visiting all days of the week except Monday
You can visit the museum from 9:30 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening

Hotels near Bursa Museum

Almira Hotel is a 5-star Bursa hotel located in the heart of Bursa, a few minutes drive from the city museum. Bursa Grand Mosque is 2.5 km from the hotel.
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The hotel received great reviews for cleanliness, location, services, staff, and breakfast.
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The five-star Grand Swiss Celik Palace Hotel, one of the best hotels in Bursa, is 2.5 km from the Grand Mosque and a few minutes drive from the Bursa Museum.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews in all respects.
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Bursa City Museum site

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