The beach of Henin Tlemcen in Algeria is one of the most wonderful tourist attractions in Tlemcen, which is an important destination for lovers of marine tourism, enjoying the beaches, spending holidays in front of the beautiful sea water, or participating in events and games on the beach or beautiful water sports.
The beach is very distinguished by the green surrounding it and overlooking it with a group of trees and green spaces that are another factor for relaxation and calmness, now let us tell you more about the beautiful Hanin Tlemcen beach.

Things to do in Henin Tlemcen Beach

• If you are a fan of beach tourism with its enchanting enjoyment and endless beauty, then you are on a date with all the fun and fun on the beautiful Hanin Beach, where you can participate in the multiple events and water sports that the beach offers such as water skiing, surfing, or touring your small boat within the beautiful beach waters.

Shata Hanin Tlemcen

Swimming is really more than just a sport or a hobby for exercise for its lovers, and you are on this beautiful beach you will find your way to swim in the wonderful waters of Hanin Beach.

Shata Hennin, Tlemcen

• The beaches of Algeria are a great place to relax and spend a vacation with the family or with friends and try to eat some wonderful seafood from restaurants near the beach, or you can even eat on the beach directly with a scenic water view.

Shata Hennin Tlemcen in Algeria

Best hotels near Henin Beach

Grand Bessin Hotel is one of the best two-star Tlemcen hotels, with a great location and away from the beach, 59.4 kilometers.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated well for staff, location, cleanliness, and comfort.

Renaissance Tlemcen Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Tlemcen. The hotel is 66.8 km from Henin Beach.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated very good in terms of view, location, design, and cleanliness.
Some complained about the lack of hotel facilities and the lack of quality breakfast.

Beach location

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