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The waterfall park in Abha is one of the most beautiful parks in Abha, as it is located on a mountain and therefore it provides a charming view of the mountains and the attractions of Abha, and the beauty of the scene increases with the appearance of fog on top of the mountains where the fog in the green feels like something of imagination.
The park is located in a distinctive area on the eastern ring belt of the city of Abha, and thanks to the aesthetics it provides, the park is an outlet for many visitors to the city and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia

Waterfall park in Abha

Activities you can do in waterfall park in Abha

• You can wander inside the wonderful garden to enjoy the beautiful landscapes provided by the waterfall garden between the greenery and the wonderful trees that give comfort and refreshment.

Waterfall park in Abha

• Abha Waterfall Park provides many breaks so that visitors can rest on it to enjoy the fresh air and the picturesque nature around them, and they can also enjoy the panoramic view that the garden provides to the city of Abha from above.

Abha Waterfall Park
• You will not find the most amazing of these beautiful landscapes and wonderful panoramic scenes until you take the most beautiful photos, so you can bring your own camera in order to enjoy photographing the beautiful scenery inside the waterfall park Abha

Waterfall park in Abha, Saudi Arabia


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The best hotels near waterfall park in Abha

Rose Palace Hotel Apartments is one of the best hotels in Abha, away from the waterfall park in Abha, 13.7 km away.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Apartments received very good ratings for location, services, hygiene and staff.
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Hyatt Elite Hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Abha, Saudi Arabia, 10 km from the waterfall park of Abha.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for cleanliness, quietness, location, comfort and free Wi-Fi.
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Location of the waterfall park in Abha on the map

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