Aswan is the most important tourist destination ever in Upper Egypt, it is characterized by the special Nubian character and includes many important historical monuments from several eras such as the Pharaonic era, which is the most famous of the Philae Temple.
Aswan is also one of Egypt’s favorite destinations for food lovers, as it features delicious local Nubian dishes such as kashid, jacob and its own drinks, such as the Kurdish Kurdish Aswany. In this report, we show a group of famous restaurants in it.

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Best hotels in Aswan

Aswan includes a group of the best hotels in Egypt, and we have selected the best among them in terms of prices and features and presented it in this guide, which you can view by clicking on … Read more

Aswan hotels

Best restaurants in Aswan

Below we show a group of Aswan restaurants that are famous for providing delicious Egyptian dishes and Nubian dishes in addition to fresh Nile cuisine.

Al Masry Restaurant

One of the oldest famous restaurants in Aswan, founded in 1958 AD, located on Airport Street in the center of the country, and features a building with a design that appears at first glance like any ordinary Nubian home, but once you enter into it attract the smell of “home” food to visitors to eat delicious Egyptian dishes such as Mallowah, Lentil soup, stuffed pigeon and potato tray as well as popular grilled meat dishes such as kebab and kofta.

Best restaurants in Aswan

Doka restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Aswan, it has a great location on Giza Elephantine in the heart of the Nile and is surrounded by mountains and Pharaonic monuments, which made it a place to enjoy calm and recreation and take pictures and not to eat only. Al-Dokah Restaurant offers a group of delicious Nubian dishes in addition to Aswan coffee and Kirdiriya which is one of the most famous drinks in Aswan.

Restaurants in Aswan

Chef Khalil Restaurant

Aswan is one of the best restaurants for fish and seafood, it is located in the market area in the city center. With tahini salad, sea-flavored soup.

Restaurants in Aswan

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