The Haram Al-Makki area is one of the most popular areas for tourism in the Kingdom, due to its religious and historical importance for Arabs and Muslims. There, the visitor or visitor finds many options for accommodation that all provide high-quality services characterized by sophistication and good hosting. Below is a list of a group of 3-star hotels which It is characterized by cheap secret, distinguished service, and most importantly, it is close to the Great Mosque of Mecca.
1. Nawazi Al Fateh Hotel:
Nawazi Al Fateh Hotel is one of the most famous hotels near the Great Mosque of Makkah. It is only 5 minutes away from the Holy Mosque in Makkah, or from 10 to 15 minutes on foot. This hotel provides guests with many distinct and varied services, and also provides special services and facilities. For people with special needs.
Where Nawazi Al Fateh Hotel offers a group of different rooms and suites for visitors, including singles, doubles and family, which have been equipped at the highest level, each room has a private safety deposit box to save the money and papers of the guest, as well as the Wi-Fi access to use the Internet with ease and ease.

Nawazi Al Fateh Hotel also provides a group of room escort services such as a private facility for making tea and coffee, while providing all amenities for the rooms, where each bathroom contains bathrobes, a hair dryer, shampoo, shower means and other purposes that provide the guest with complete comfort.

2. Al Batal Hotel:
Al Batal Hotel is characterized by its great location, which is located only 200 meters from the Great Mosque of Mecca. The hotel is located in Ajyad Hill. The hotel contains a group of small rooms that suit individuals or small families, which are characterized by comfort and calm. There are also a set of services and special facilities that Provided for every room such as, a facility for making tea, coffee and nescafe free of charge at any time, as well as Wi-Fi is available. The hotel’s service staff is characterized by sophisticated treatment, a good welcome to visitors and the provision of all services that are appreciated by the guests.

3. Ibis Styles Makkah:
The ibis Styles Makkah is located in the Al Aziziyah area, which is characterized by calm and liveliness, and easy access from it to the Meccan campus. Air conditioners and flat-screen TVs, fridges, seating area, kettle, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel also offers visitors many facilities, including a restaurant that serves delicious international and local cuisine and exquisite dishes. It also provides parking and facilities for people with special needs.

4. Snood Al Azizia Hotel:
Al-Azizia Snood is about 900 meters from Umm Al-Qura University, famous in Mecca, and it is characterized by its proximity to many different tourist places, which enables the visitor to enjoy the largest amount of tourism, shopping and entertainment, Snood Al Azizia Hotel offers a variety of rooms and individual and family suites equipped at the highest level In which the visitor gets a distinguished service at the lowest prices, each room is provided with a small bathroom equipped with different toiletries, including a shower brush, shower facilities, and a private bathtub. The rooms also include a refrigerator and a locker. The hotel also provides visitors with a set of additional services that Z visitors such as the desirability of, and mobility services from the airport, and services Wi-Fi, parking and various services.

5. Al Waleed Tower Hotel:
Al-Waleed Tower Hotel is one of the most important 3-star hotels located near the Great Mosque of Mecca, where this hotel is located 1 km from Umm Al-Qura University, and this hotel has the advantage of providing excellent service to guests that has won approval from all visitors, as the Al-Waleed Tower hotel has many facilities In addition to that, it has a wonderful view of the hotel’s private garden, which suggests calm and psychological comfort.
Al-Waleed Tower Hotel offers a group of air-conditioned rooms for visitors that have a balcony offering many wonderful views of the garden. Each room also has its own bathroom, and a modern flat-screen TV through which you can enjoy watching the latest movies, as well as a tea and Nescafe kettle. There are some rooms equipped with With its own Al Bahah, Burj Al-Waleed Hotel also offers its visitors a range of distinguished services such as airport transfers, free Wi-Fi services and private parking.

6. Al Rawda Al Makiya Hotel:
Al Rawda Al Makiya Hotel is located 2.5 kilometers from the Holy Mosque, and this hotel is one of the best hotels that fall under the category of 3-star hotels in Mecca, as it offers a range of facilities and services at cheap and suitable prices to get the pleasure of visiting the Haram at the lowest prices.
Where Al Rawda Al Makiya Hotel offers its visitors air-conditioned rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs and a small bathroom with all toiletries, a wardrobe and a small fridge. The hotel provides private rooms for non-smokers, as well as offers free Wi-Fi services.

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