The Ajman Cultural Center is one of the most important cultural destinations in the UAE, and this center includes two halls that are used for many purposes. This center is characterized by its proximity to many tourist places in Ajman such as Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Ajman University.
This cultural center includes a distinguished set of cultural services, which includes a theater, a public library in addition to a library for children, and in this article we will discuss together the most important activities that you can enjoy in this center.

Ajman Cultural Center

Activities you can do in Ajman Cultural Center

• You can enjoy reading the books you love in the public library of this center, as this library includes a distinguished collection of books in various fields.

Ajman Cultural Center

• You can attend many educational workshops and seminars to develop your cultural awareness in the theater or halls of the Ajman Cultural Center.

Ajman Cultural Center
You can use the Central Library of the Ajman Cultural Center to view any recent research or books.

Ajman Cultural Center
• You can encourage your children to read, by taking them to the center’s library for children, and they can also enjoy the summer activities provided by the center.

Ajman Cultural Center

Hotels near Ajman Cultural Center

Radisson Blu Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Ajman, which is 3.6 km from Ajman Cultural Center.
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This hotel has received great reviews for all facilities.

Ajman Hotel is one of the best 5-star UAE hotels which is 11.2 km from Ajman Cultural Center.
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Ajman Hotel has received very good reviews for all the services provided.

Ajman Cultural Center site

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