One of the landmarks worth visiting in the city of Bucharest is the Dracula Castle or the Bran Castle, due to the mystery known about this castle due to the Count Vlad who ruled the country in the Middle Ages and that castle was the seat of his rule. The castle is one of the most important places of tourism in Bucharest
Count Vlad was known for his bloodyness so that the Irish writer (Bram Stalker) wrote about his famous novel Dracula, and for this the castle attracts many tourists annually to learn more about its history.

Dracula Castle Bucharest

The original name of the castle is the Bran Castle located in the Bran region of Bucharest. It was built in the Middle Ages and is built on a hill surrounded by trees and forests on each side and is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Romenia.

Dracula's Castle in Bucharest

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Things to do in Bran Castle

• You can take a tour of the castle’s 57 rooms, all of which tell the history of medieval Romenia, which contains a number of furniture, weapons, shields and other objects dating back to the ages between the 14th and 19th centuries.

Dracula Castle is one of the best tourist places in Bucharest

• At the top of the castle, you can enjoy watching the Bran region in its picturesque nature through a panoramic scene, and spend quality time relaxing in the forests and fields that extend your sight.

Bran Castle in Bucharest

• Also, it is necessary to visit the open museum and the object on top of the castle, which is an ethnographic museum that contains a group of houses in the local Romenian countryside, fully equipped with furniture and requirements of any house at this time. You can also find some pieces of clothing that the original inhabitants of Romenia used to use in the ages. Central

Bran Bucharest Castle

• And the wonderful thing about Dracula Castle in Bucharest is that it allows its visitors to stay inside the castle for one day, the adventure that deserves the experience as it stays amid history, its mystery, the charming nature and its beauty.

Dracula Castle in Romenia Bucharest

Dracula Bucharest Castle entrance prices

For adults 7.8 euros.
For children 5.6 euros.
For more information about changing prices and visiting times, you can visit the official website of the castle.from here

Dracula’s Castle Hotels – Bucharest

Hotel Wolf 2, a 4-star hotel in Romenia Bucharest, is only 320 meters from Dracula Bucharest Castle.
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Hotel Helden Lodge & Restaurant, which is a 3-star hotel in Bucharest. It is 4.5 km from Dracula Bucharest Castle
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Dracula Bucharest Castle site

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