Euromast is a watchtower in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which was built between 1958 and 1960, and was built specifically for the launch of the first international exhibition project and garden festival, and it is listed as a memorial to the city since 2010 and one of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands
The tower is a concrete structure with an internal diameter of 9 meters and a wall thickness of 30 cm.In order to stabilize the building, it was built on a piece of concrete weighing 1.9 million kg, so that it becomes the center of gravity under the ground, which is the tallest building in the city after adding the space tower to the upper part From it in 1970, it is 85 meters high

Euromast Rotterdam Tower

Activities you can do

• You can climb to the tower platform that rises 112 meters above the ground to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the city and take memorial photos, which is an open platform that includes sights and barriers, and there is a glass platform called Euroscope at an altitude of 185 meters.

Euromast Tower in Rotterdam

• The Euromast Kids Club organizes many free activities for children in the Daily Restaurant on the ground floor, making caps-like hats, playing Dutch matches and building their own Euromast, along with monthly parties and drawing.

The Euromast Tower is one of the most important tourist places in Rotterdam

• You can book one of the suites to spend a beautiful night above the clouds, and enjoy a wonderful breakfast with beautiful views of the city and the largest port in Europe from a height of 100 meters.
• You must enjoy a delicious dinner in the Burj Brasserie restaurant, with a view of the thousands of lights in Rotterdam, including the Erasmus Tower, and watch the sky during sunset from a height of 96 meters.
The brasserie in the Euromast Rotterdam tower

work hours

The tower is available for visiting all days of the week from 10:00 AM until 22:00 PM.

Entry prices

For adults 9,75 euros.
For those over 65 years old 8.75 euros.
For children between 4 and 11 years old 6,25 €.
The tower also offers offers for groups and tours that include more than one tourist destination within Rotterdam, and more can be found by visiting the official website ..from here

Hotels near Euromast Rotterdam

Hotel Port is a 3-star hotel in the Netherlands with very good ratings, 600 meters from the Euromast Rotterdam Tower
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location of the hotel is excellent, and the staff are helpful. Some guests complained about the small size of the rooms and the lack of services provided.
Hotel reservation
Strom Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with very good reviews. It is located half a kilometer from the Euromast Rotterdam Tower.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location of the hotel is great and the rooms are comfortable. Some guests complained about the lack of hot water and the poor quality of breakfast.
Hotel reservation

Euromast Rotterdam site

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