The Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace is one of the most important monuments and tourist attractions in Muscat, which most tourists love to explore the magnificence of its proximity.
The Flag Palace is one of the six palaces owned by the ruling family in the Sultanate of Oman, and perhaps the Flag Palace is the most important of these luxury royal palaces, where the ceremonial palace will be held by the ruler, and heads of state are also received in this palace.
The construction of the Al-Alam Palace in Muscat took more than two centuries, and in 1972 AD the palace was renovated to be used as a royal residence, and although the ruling family was not established in the Al-Alam Palace in Muscat, visitors are not allowed to enter the palace, but this did not prevent visitors from enjoying the view of the palace from outside. .

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The best things to do in Qasr Al Alam in Muscat

• Enjoy watching the Qasr Al-Alam from the city of Muscat from the outside, where the unique façade of the palace is clear to you, as it is distinguished by the columns covered by the mosaic stone, which is painted in both blue and gold colors.

Flag Palace Muscat

• Enjoy watching the Qasr Al-Alam Garden in Muscat, in which the palace is located in the middle, which is a vast garden spreading in various colors of flowers and trees.

Flag Palace in Muscat

• Al-Alam Palace is located near a number of famous tourist attractions in Muscat, such as Al-Mirani Castle, which you can pass after you finish roaming around the palace.

• At the end of the matter, as always, do not forget to record your enjoyable trip and happy moments by taking commemorative photos while you enjoy watching the magnificence of the Palace of Science.

Hotels near Qasr Al Alam Muscat

Al Bustan Palace Hotel – The Ritz-Carlton, one of the best 5-star hotels in Muscat, and the distance between it and Qasr Al-Alam is estimated at 6.6 km.

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The hotel impressed most of the guests and rated it excellent in terms of location, cleanliness, professionalism, staff, comfort, and facilities while the value for money received good reviews.

Shangri-La Al Husn Resort and Spa is one of the best 5-star hotels in Oman and the closest to Qasr Al-Alam, where the hotel is only 16.7 kilometers away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel rated excellent for both staff performance, location, cleanliness, value for money, comfort, and facilities.

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