One of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, and one of the most famous and most visited mosques in Istanbul, the Sultanah Mehrama Mosque (in Turkish: Mihrimah Sultan Camii) is located in Uskudar in the Asian section of the city.

Who is Sultana Mahrama? Sultanah Mehramah is the only daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and she is known for her beauty and her name which means in the Persian language “Sun and Moon”, and her character appeared in the famous series “Harem Al Sultan” and is the sister who was supporting her brothers the princes.

During this report, we show the most important activities when visiting this mosque, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, Istanbul, in addition to a selection of the best hotels in Istanbul nearby.

The best things to see at the Sultana Mosque are its pyramid

You can see the mosque, which is one of the prominent landmarks of Escudar neighborhood, and it was built by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan Pasha, which is a complex with a mosque in the center surrounded by a hospital, a school and a large kitchen.

Sultana Mosque, Mahrama

• You can see how the mosque takes a square shape topped with a large dome centered on four columns and surrounded by the base of the dome, windows that provide lighting to the mosque’s interior. The minbar is made of carved white marble.

Sultana Mosque, Mahrama

• After finishing touring the Sultanah Mosque, you can complete your tour by passing through the Pillar Bey Palace and the Istanbul Girl Tower, which is one of the most important landmarks of the city. You can also pass through the Capitol Mall Istanbul.

Sultana Mosque, Mahrama

• At the end of your tour, just 9 minutes away from Sultana Mosque, Tiba Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul, where you can eat the best and most delicious Turkish dishes.

Sultana Mosque, Mahrama

The best Istanbul hotels near the Sultanah Mosque

Four Seasons Istanbul Bosphorus is one of the best Bosphorus hotels in Istanbul, 10 km from the mosque.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus received excellent reviews for both breakfast, cleanliness, comfort, value for money, staff performance, free WiFi, facilities, and location.

Shangri-La Hotel Istanbul is one of the best hotels overlooking the Bosphorus, the hotel is 10.8 km from Sultanah Mosque.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Most of the hotel’s guests rated it excellent especially for its location and the view it offers, good food and cleanliness.

Hotel reservation

The Sultana Mosque site

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