Akçaabat is a Turkish coastal city overlooking the Black Sea coast, 25 km from Trabzon, and enjoys a pleasant mild climate and tourist elements that make it one of the most important factors in attracting tourism in Turkey and a great location for summer holidays, relaxation and recreation, where picturesque beaches, pure sand and places of family outings.
If you are looking for a place for a quiet summer vacation, you will not find a beautiful or better than that charming city, and during the article we will address the most beautiful tourist places when you visit.

Activities to take in kiosks

• Walk around the promenade of the Akcaabat area, which extends up to 4 km along the gardens and parks that include a special children’s play area and good restaurants at reasonable prices.

Activities to take in kiosks

Enjoy swimming, relaxing and sunbathing on Akcabat Beach, or taking a free fun tour of its rocky beach.

Akcaabat city

• Visiting the yacht marina and renting a boat or yacht for a cruise during which you enjoy the beauty of the sea, especially in moments of sunset.

Tourism in Akcaabat

• Due to the proximity of the city to Trabzon, you can visit the famous landmarks of Trabzon after you finish visiting Akcabat, such as Sera Lake, Tea Garden, Trabzon Museum.

Landmarks near Akcaabat

The best timing to visit Akcaabat

The period from May to October is the perfect time to visit Akşbat beaches.
But if you are someone who loves calmness, stay away from July and August, as they are the summer vacation months in Turkey.

Best Hotels in Akcaabat

Trabzon Secret Paradise Aparthotel is one of the finest Akcbat hotels located on the beach, 11 km from the center.
Summary of guest ratings
The place received an excellent evaluation of the staff, the level of hygiene, services and facilities.
Hotel reservation
Sary Koshak Holiday Home is one of the best 5-star Trabzon hotels located 750 meters away from the city center.
Summary of guest ratings
The place was rated excellent by its visitors for the cleanliness, level of services and comfortable facilities.
Hotel reservation

Aksabat site

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