The city of Athens is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations around the world where it combines the tourist places in the charming Athens with the timeless archaeological monuments, art and culture, the Greek capital of Athens is considered one of the best tourist places in Greece, you can not get acquainted with the history of Greece, its culture and its beauty unless its capital visits Athens and savors food in one of its distinctive restaurants .

ATHENS hotels

Athens includes a group of the best hotels in Greece, and we have collected for you on this tab a package of the best recommended hotels in Athens .. Read more

Best hotels in Athens

Best restaurants in Athens

We will show you a group that includes the best halal restaurants in Athens, which includes Arab restaurants in Athens and another Indian Pakistani.

Hookah Restaurant

Nargile Nargile is a Lebanese restaurant, one of the best Arabic restaurants in Athens, characterized by its oriental design and beautiful Arab ambiance. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Arabic food, especially Levantine and Lebanese, in addition to Western dishes.
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Arabic restaurants in Athens

Makkah Restaurant

Makkah Makkah Indian Indian Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Athens classified within the halal restaurants in Athens, where it provides a full menu of halal food, the restaurant has a simple design and decoration and offers a menu of dishes from the Indian and Pakistani cuisine that includes grills of meat and chicken and others

Halal restaurants in Athens Greece

Sahara Restaurant

Sahara Lebanese restaurant is one of the best Arab restaurants in Athens The restaurant offers halal food through its wide range of Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes. The restaurant provides a private hookah lounge and you can enjoy live Arabic music throughout your time in the restaurant.

Athens obeyed the lawful

Indian Chef Restaurant

This Indian restaurant is considered one of the best halal restaurants in Athens. It features a varied and delicious menu of Indian cuisine. The owners of the restaurant pledge that meat and chicken in the restaurant are halal.

The best restaurants in Athens

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