Beirut, the Lebanese capital, is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Lebanon. Beirut has a large number of natural tourist attractions, on top of which are its charming views of the Mediterranean shore, in addition to the Raouche Rock, and a large number of commercial streets and main squares.
Beirut also has various open theme parks in addition to museums, restaurants, cinemas and malls, all of which make the Beirut tourism experience a unique experience that deserves attention.

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Best hotels in Beirut

In Beirut, there is a distinguished group of hotels, some of which are located on the Mediterranean coast, and some that are close to the city center. If you are going to visit this charming city, be sure to read our article next to the best hotels in Beirut and choose what suits you best from them .. Read more

The best streets of Beirut

Hamra Street

Al Hamra Street is one of the most important streets of Beirut at all, as it has great tourist, commercial and diplomatic importance, and a large number of tourists are welcomed throughout the year and it is the headquarters of a huge number of restaurants, cafes, archaeological theaters and cinemas in addition to hotels and apartments.

The streets of Beirut

Plus Street

Bliss Street is a street parallel to Al Hamra Street and crosses Beirut from east to west. The street is characterized by the presence of landmarks, buildings and famous ancient sites on both sides of the street. The street is also the main gate of the American University of Beirut.
And spread over the street a large number of cafes and restaurants and is one of the best streets in Beirut to spend a wonderful evening and enjoy the city’s bustling atmosphere.

Beirut's tourist streets

Guru Street

Guru Street is a commercial and residential street of the first degree, which is intended by a large number of tourists and Beirut residents for the purpose of buying their belongings from clothes, perfumes, and household items. The street also includes French cafes that offer jazz music, and a large number of dining options for this is one of the most important streets of Beirut attractive to tourists .

Lively streets of Beirut

Beirut Corniche Street

It is one of the most beautiful streets of Beirut, given that it is a coastal street in the first place. Street in downtown Beirut.

Beirut's main streets

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