A country full of cultural, historical and architectural treasures that attracts millions of tourists every year, we are in the midst of talking about tourism in Egypt. In that country that mediates the continents of Africa and Asia, there is a lot worth exploring and a lot of joy that must be tried, on top of which is shopping that enjoys another taste in the city of Sharm El Sheikh with sprawling markets and sophisticated high-end stores, where our article will review a number of the best tried and tested Sharm El Sheikh stores that We recommend you to visit it.

Best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

It is known that Sharm El-Sheikh is a undisputed tourist destination due to the city’s attractive areas, fictional resorts and beaches that one fines on the spot, so the city includes a group of the finest hotels in Egypt with international chains, and we have compiled a list of the best for you via this tab .. Read more

Sharm El Sheikh Shops

The most famous shops of Sharm El-Sheikh

Many nature lovers, wonderful bays and beautiful oases have taken Sharm El-Sheikh as a tourist destination that hides everything new, including many markets and shopping centers that are packed with the latest models, the most appropriate prices and the most luxurious goods. Our article reviews 4 of the most popular and visited Sharm El Sheikh stores that have most satisfied customers.

Town Team Shop

Town Team is known as an Egyptian brand that enjoys great popularity and its branches expand to cover many regions and cities in Egypt, including Town Team, Sharm El Sheikh branch, which is one of the best shops in Sharm El Sheikh for men’s clothing, especially casual. The shop is located inside Genena City Mall on the first floor, and has been recommended by most visitors to the shop thanks to the quality of its merchandise and the huge discounts it offers.

times of work

Everyday from 10:00 in the morning until 12:00 in the middle of the night.

Shops in Sharm El-Sheikh

Soho Square Sharm El Sheikh

Besides many of the various recreational activities that Square Sharm El Sheikh is famous for, which is a jewel that illuminates the evenings of Sharm El Sheikh, there are many shops that will enjoy special pleasure when wandering inside, whether in clothing, gifts or perfume shops, as they are considered among the most famous stores. Sharm El-Shaikh .

times of work

Everyday from 09:00 am to 03:00 am.

Sharm El Sheikh Shops

Moda show

Moda Show Leather Center is one of the most important stores in Sharm El Sheikh and in many other countries and cities, it is one of the largest brands of leather and fur products. The branch of this center is located in Sharm El Sheikh in South Sinai and is famous for selling leather items and articles made of fur, whether they are clothes, shoes or bags that meet the needs of all ages and sizes and certainly are characterized by their impeccable quality.

times of work

Everyday from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.

Shops in Sharm El-Sheikh

Raven Jeans Ware Sharm El Sheikh

Jeans ware stores occupy large areas in different regions of Egypt, while enjoying wide popularity in Sharm El Sheikh to become among the most visited Sharm El Sheikh stores. There are two branches of the Revin Jeans Ware, Sharm El Sheikh, the first in Martaco Mall and the second in Genena City Mall, and both branches have a large number of visitors who praise the quality of the goods, offers of discounts and competitive prices.

times of work

Everyday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Sharm Shops

Raven Jeans Ware Sharm El Sheikh

Ravin Jeans Wear Sharm El Sheikh 2

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