Tangier is one of the most important tourist destinations in Morocco, where it is characterized by a charming strategic and tourist location on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean together, and due to this wonderful location, the city attracts a large number of tourists and visitors throughout the year.
In addition to the many beach activities that it includes and the tourist resorts that spread on its beaches in addition to markets and malls, Tangier is distinguished by a long history and a large number of important historical and cultural attractions such as the Kasbah of Ghaylan, the Kasbah of the Kasbah, the Mosque of the Kasbah, the Great Mosque, the Spanish Church, Museum of Contemporary Art and others .

Best hotels in Tangier

The city of Tangier includes, next to its multiple tourism components, a group of the best resorts and hotels, some of which are considered one of the best hotels in Morocco, where they provide multiple services to their guests in addition to the beach and entertainment activities, you can get to know the best hotels in Tangier according to the opinions of Arab visitors through the following link .. Read more

The best restaurants in Tangier

Best restaurants in Tangier

In the following article, we present to you a group of the best Tangier restaurants that are considered one of the important tourist attractions of Tangier, which attracts many visitors.

The Star Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Tangier, according to the opinions of a large number of Arab visitors in terms of level of service, quality and cleanliness of food, the restaurant offers a large number of diverse Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes, in addition to the distinctive fruits and seafood, delicious salads, calories and Moroccan tea.
The star restaurant consists of two floors directly overlooking the Mediterranean beach, and next to all the delicious items it offers, the restaurant offers a variety of eastern and western sweets, in addition to hot and cold drinks.

Best restaurants in Tangier

Reef Qabdani Restaurant

This wonderful restaurant is located close to the famous continental hotel in the city and is one of the best and best quality restaurants in Tangier, it offers local Moroccan specialties in addition to Mediterranean food in general, which is distinguished by seafood and fruits such as shrimps, crabs, etc., and also offers salads and vegetables of all kinds next to starters.
The restaurant is very suitable for vegetarians and is reasonably priced, and it is very popular with people visiting Morocco for the first time.

times of work

All days of the week from 11 am to 11 pm.

Tangier restaurants

Herb Restaurant

This restaurant is called the herb because it offers a large number of herbs in its dishes, some Arab visitors consider it the best restaurant in Tangier at all, due to the quality of its varieties, which are represented by delicious seafood of various kinds, in addition to traditional Moroccan food.
The restaurant is considered one of the old restaurants in Tangier, but it is characterized by an excellent level according to most Arab visitors. The prices of the dishes it offers are medium, and the most important thing that distinguishes it from other restaurants is the popular atmosphere.

times of work

The restaurant is open two times from Saturday to Thursday
First from 1 pm until 5 pm.
The second from 7 pm until 10:30 pm.

Tangier restaurants in Morocco

Anna Paulo Restaurant

Anna Paolo is one of Tangier restaurants that are absolutely unconventional, as the restaurant takes you on a fun and delicious trip to Italy by serving the best italyn food and pastries, such as pizza, pasta of various kinds and more.
The restaurant also offers multiple desserts in addition to delicious salads. The restaurant’s menu includes hot and cold drinks in addition to various cocktails, and it is a Tangier restaurant that is preferred by many people.

times of work

The restaurant operates from two periods Monday to Saturday
The first is from 12 noon until 3 pm.
The second from 8 pm until 11 pm.
Sunday is closed

The best restaurants in Tangier

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