The city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah has a great place in the hearts of Muslims from east to west, as it is one of the most important religious purposes that millions of people target to get closer to God Almighty.

Therefore, it is a first-class tourist city, and in order to meet these huge numbers of visitors, the hotels of Mecca had to spread in order to provide comfortable and quiet accommodations for all expatriates.

The hotels in Makkah Al-Mukarramah have secured a decent stay for their visitors so that they can enjoy performing the rituals of Hajj and Umrah at their full positive potential.

Makkah Hotels are distinguished by its many levels according to the needs and demands of its customers, and there are many cheap hotels in Makkah that attract many travelers.

The best hotel in Mecca

Makkah hotels live up to be one of the best Saudi hotels, they have been built and designed in the latest style.

And enjoy the charming views of many famous tourist attractions, here are 5 of the motel hotels that attract millions of tourists.

Makkah Millennium Hotel

This fine chain enjoys the provision of the finest types of architectural designs that attract the attention of visitors.

It also features the provision of the finest types of facilities that make guests fully confident to enjoy all their time in an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

In addition to its great location near the most famous tourist and religious landmarks of Mecca, it includes two charming hotels .. Read more

If you are looking for a Mecca hotel, this report will satisfy your request

Al-Safwa Hotel Makkah Al-Mukarramah

The hotel services offered by the Makkah Elite Chain of Hotels are varied, and they enjoy medium prices that are suitable for all budgets.

There is also a wide range of restaurants available so that guests can meet all their daily needs from their favorite hotel, and this wonderful series includes two of the Makkah Hotel .. Read more

See the distinguished Makkah Hotel

Le Meridien Makkah

This series provides the latest hotel facilities in all hotel facilities and services, as it is located near the Sacred Mosque, so it is considered one of the most crowded hotels with Muslims.

It includes a large number of spacious custom and elegant suites that appear in delicate decorations, and it includes (2) Makkah Hotel … Read more

Find the most luxurious Makkah hotel

Drnef Makkah Hotel

Makkah Drnf Hotels are distinguished by receiving the Tourism Excellence Award in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year 2020AD.

This is because it possesses a variety of vital facilities and modern rooms that suit all different tastes and classes.

It also enjoys unique views of the prominent sites in the city of Mecca, and includes two of the wonderful Makkah Hotel .. Read more

Learn the features of Makkah properties

What is the best and most suitable area for housing in the city of Mecca?

This depends on the preference of the visitors themselves. For example, the Maabdah area is considered the best housing area in Makkah for those looking for a residence close to the famous tourist attractions, while the Al Mesfala area is considered the best for lovers of public transportation.
In this article, we have gathered the best residential areas in Makkah that we recommend .. Read more

What is the average cost of accommodation in Makkah properties per night?

It depends on the classification of the hotel and its location, in addition to another group of factors, and you will find in this Makkah Hotels Directory the best housing options and the most appropriate in terms of price and quality of services .. Read more

What are the cheapest hotels in Mecca (and highest rated)?

The Millennium Makkah Hotel chain and the Drnef Makkah Hotel chain are all hotels that have received the best reviews from Arab visitors and are cheap compared to other Mecca hotels.

What are the best Makkah hotels for honeymooners?

The Drnef Makkah Hotel Chain, the Safwah Chain Makkah Al Mukarramah are hotels that feature romantic views and facilities suited to new grooms and have received excellent reviews from couples.

What is the best area near the airport that is recommended for accommodation in Mecca?

Al Qashba is one of the best areas near Taif International Airport.

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