Uzungol is a village in Trabzon, one of the most important tourism destinations in Turkey, and the lake in it is one of the most important attractions that attract tourists to it.

Best Uzungol restaurants

Uzungol is famous for its fine restaurants and its distinctive atmosphere, where it meets the charming nature and delicious dishes. Here are the best restaurants in Uzungol with charming views and delicious cuisine.

Culoglu Restaurant

Koleoglu Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Uzungol, where it offers a distinctive menu of dishes from the Black Sea region, including fresh seafood and various meat dishes, as well as cold and hot appetizers, which is famous for Turkish cuisine, and distinctive local sweets.

The restaurant is about 15 minutes by car from the magnificent Lake Uzungol and 90 km from Trabzon Airport.

Uzungol hotels near Kuloglu

Pension Karadeniz Hotel is one of the best hotels in Turkey in Uzungol, 450 meters from Uzungol Lake.

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Sizgin Hotel is located in Trabzon Uzungol region surrounded by green forests and close to the lake.

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The best restaurants in Uzungol

Enan Kardishlar Restaurant

Anan Kardislar Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Uzungol and it offers traditional Turkish meals for the Uzungol region, which includes a variety of fresh fish, a wide range of salads and special appetizers … Read more

The best restaurants in Uzungol

Yaela Restaurant

Yaela Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Uzungol, offers an extensive menu of traditional local meals including salmon, meat and chicken, various salads, cabbage, pickles and soft drinks. The restaurant is spacious and clean, with a distinctive wooden building, adding to the calm and romantic atmosphere of the place.

Hotels near Yaela Restaurant

My Home Uzungol Hotel is close to Uzungol Lake and kids’ clubs

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Inan Kardeshler Bungalow Motel is just 150 meters from the magnificent Uzungol Lake

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Restaurants in Uzungol Turkey

Dooya Restaurant

Doya is a local Turkish restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Uzungol, Turkey. It provides an extensive menu that includes a variety of meals from fresh fish, foremost of which are the salmon fish that are abundant in Uzungol, grilled meat, traditional Turkish pizza of all kinds, traditional Turkish home food, sweets, and cold and hot drinks.

A spacious and distinctive restaurant, overlooking the magnificent Uzungol Lake.

Hotels near Doya Restaurant

Keyzi Suites is close to the charming Uzungol Lake, surrounded by scenic nature

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Onal Motel is conveniently located opposite to Uzungol Lake and Mosque

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Best Uzungol restaurants

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