The most famous cities in the Arab world, Muslims and the whole world. The source of Islam and the birthplace of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, his honorable companions, and the kiss of Muslims in their prayer. Mecca is considered a tourist and historical city worth visiting and touring its markets and prominent landmarks.

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The best malls in Mecca

A group of the best shopping centers in Mecca, which includes the best international and local brands and all the family needs.

Al Diyafa Mall

One of the best malls in Mecca is located in Al-Zahir neighborhood on Al-Hujun Street. This integrated complex is distinguished by its modern design and it contains many high-end local and international brands in addition to restaurants such as Al Baik Restaurant and a distinctive hypermarket, the complex includes family and other women’s and youth sessions.

Shopping in Mecca

Mecca Mall

One of the best malls in modern Mecca includes the largest international brands in the city, which includes clothes, accessories, bags and other products. The complex also includes many restaurants and a dedicated area for games. Mecca Mall is located on King Abdullah Road
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The malls of Mecca

Al Hijaz Mall

The Hijaz Mall or the Hijaz Market is one of the oldest shopping centers in Mecca and it is one of the most famous markets in Mecca for those who go to the gold, fabric and clothing market, it includes the best brands, the mall includes many restaurants and places for entertainment

Malls in Mecca

Al-Azizia Markets

Al Aziziyah neighborhood is considered one of the most famous and finest markets in Mecca, it includes many huge centers such as the World Trade Center and many distinctive restaurants such as Al Tazaj Restaurant and Al Baik. The market also contains branches of the most famous companies specialized in the sale of household appliances and electrical appliances. There are many shops in the Aziziyah market selling fabrics, clothing, accessories, and international stores selling perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, gold, jewelry, and others.

Makkah markets

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