Miami is called the city of magic, it is the most tourist attraction in the state of Florida, USA. Miami is located on the Atlantic Coast, in southeast Florida. It is one of the most populous cities in the United States.

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Top Miami hotels

Miami, Florida has many high-end hotels, and we have brought together the best Miami hotels tested in this article that offer accommodations close to the beach in Miami … Read more

Miami Beach hotels

The best shopping in Miami

One of the most prominent entertainment factors in Miami is shopping, as it includes in addition to modern shopping centers distinctive open markets, and for this we review with you a group of the best markets in Miami

Deadland Mall

One of the biggest malls in Miami, which includes about 185 diversified stores that include all the necessities of clothes, perfumes, etc. It also contains a store for Apple, Tyler, Disney and others. It is considered one of the shopping centers in Miami that is recommended to visit.
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Miami malls

Dolphin Mall

One of the distinctive shopping centers in Miami includes about 240 diversified stores, in addition to gyms, cinemas, many fast and light fast food outlets, and amusement parks for adults and children.
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Shopping malls in Miami

Tropicana Market

Tropicana open market is one of the popular Miami markets where everything available is rare and ancient, it includes unique antiques in addition to clothes, gifts, furniture and even food.
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Miami Markets

Opa Locka Hialeah Market

One of the largest shopping places in Miami, where it includes more than 800 stores selling all kinds of goods and products, including accessories, gifts, toys, jewelry, home furniture, etc. In addition to 8 restaurants and parking lots
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Shopping in Miami

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