Istanbul’s Kelios is one of the best places in Istanbul that brings a diverse number of attractions with everything in it, from charming beaches and golden sands, waterfalls, open gardens and vast green spaces, which made it the destination of a large number of those who want tourism in Istanbul and tourism in Turkey in a way Year. During the next few lines, we will help you to know a group of the most important tourist places in Istanbul’s Kilyos area, the best hotels, the distance away from Istanbul with the most prominent activities in the region.

KILIOS hotels

Kelius in Istanbul is one of the richest areas of distinct and varied accommodations, and by clicking on the following link you will be able to know the best hotels there .. Read more

Kilyos Istanbul

How far is Kilyos from Istanbul?

The famous coastal region of Istanbul is 11 km and is located to the north, Ataturk International Airport is 50 km from the region, and Taksim Square is 30 km.

Kelios Beach

It is the most famous beach in the Istanbul Kellyos Sea, which is characterized by its clear blue waters and golden sands. It is close to Solar Beach. It is spread along the Kellyos Istanbul coast line, a large number of luxury tourist resorts, restaurants, cafes and night clubs where the beach is characterized by its vitality, day and night .. Read more

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Belgrade Forest

It is one of the most famous forests in Istanbul in general and overlooking the Kilyos region in particular. These forests are one of the nature reserves in the region, with an area of ​​5,300 hectares … Read more

Istanbul Kilios Coast[email protected]

Babylon Beach

One of the most beautiful and most popular beaches of Kilyos on the Black Sea coast, as it is characterized by the cleanliness of its waters, as well as its location near Istanbul.
An infinite number of services and facilities such as restaurants, cafes, gift shops, scuba diving, diving, swimming and more, abound throughout the beach. The beach is adjacent to the vast green spaces that give it more charm, beauty and multiple options for activities.

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Sumen Restaurant

It is one of the most important places in the region that tourists can visit not only for the purpose of eating, but because it provides a large number of activities for its guests, the most important of which are concerts, dances, theater plays, children’s play areas, barbecue competitions and others.
The restaurant provides a variety of grills and seafood from the freshest types of fresh fish, as well as a variety of drinks and a special section for dessert.

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