Interlaken is considered one of the most prominent tourist cities that attract tourists from all over the world to tourism in Switzerland due to its possession of charming nature scenic areas, but the civil life in its development is not the only attraction, as Interlaken villages that are characterized by the beauty of nature play an important role in attracting tourists, even It has become one of the most important landmarks of Interlaken tourism for lovers of relaxation, in addition to the villages that are close to Interlaken.

In this article, we have brought you together the best villages in Interlaken and its vicinity, with a mixture of the most important recreational activities it provides.

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Interlaken hotels

Interlaken owns a group of high-end hotels in Switzerland that are suitable for visitors. There are also villages near Interlaken suitable for housing and a special holiday. They provide them with many facilities and services, and are characterized by cleanliness and sophistication.

Apart from its wide location, it covers villages close to Interlaken, offering charming panoramic views, as well as several areas of recreational activities.

The link includes a comprehensive guide to the best Interlaken hotels and hotels in villages near Interlaken that got the best reviews .. Read more

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The best villages to visit when going to the Interlaken countryside

The countryside in the village of Interlaken in Switzerland offers several distinct leisure activities and relax in the picturesque nature and wonderful atmosphere.

The following are examples of the most important interlaken villages and those close to Interlaken housing


The village of Grindelwald is one of the most beautiful villages close to Interlaken located in Switzerland in the middle of the Alps in the Canton of Bern in Switzerland, and enjoys a moderate wet climate.

There are also many recreational activities, stunning views and enchanting views. There are also many attractions .. Read more

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The village of Interlaken Lauterbrunnen is one of the distinctive villages located in the county of Interlaken-Uehräslee in the canton of Bern, Switzerland, and it is one of the most wetter villages of Interlaken.

It enjoys being among the many scenic nature landmarks and is located near several villages in Interlaken such as the village of Morin Interlaken and the village of Nagen .. Read more

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Iseltwald is a village and municipality in Interlaken located on the southern shore at the lake of the village of Prinz Interlaken in the region of Oberhasli which is one of the villages close to Interlaken.

It has a cool, temperate climate and is surrounded by water areas such as Lake Brienz and Lake Thun.

It also includes many scenic landscapes, making it one of the most beautiful villages of Interlaken … Read more

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Beatenberg, Switzerland

The village of Beatenberg, Switzerland is one of the best villages near Interlaken in the province of Bern, and it is one of the villages characterized by a mild sunny climate.

The village includes a group of small farms, as well as spas for body and skin care.

There are also many landmarks and attractions, the most prominent of which is the Stone Cave, known as the St. Petos Cave.

The village of Interlaken, Switzerland, Beatenberg is a charming and picturesque village Vasila Cotovanu @flicker

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