The beach of Saket Bejaia is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Bejaia and the most beautiful, the beach is located in the north of Algeria and is characterized by clear water and a group of recreational facilities that it offers, so we will present to you in the next lines a set of the best activities that help you enjoy your visit to the beach.

Al Saket Beach, Bejaia

The most important activities that you can take when visiting the beach in Saket Bejaia

• You can enjoy the warm sun and take a pleasant sunbath, which helps your body get more relaxation and health, especially after taking a bath in the wonderful sea water.

Saket Beach, Bejaia, Algeria

• You can relax in front of the beach under sun umbrellas and have a cold or hot drink, or even eat light foods through cafes and cafeterias on the beach.

Saket Beach, Bejaia, Algeria

• You can rent boats, take a walk in the water, admire the scenic landscape and also go fishing.

Saket Beach

• If you are a fan of photography, you can take the most beautiful pictures in the wonderful nature, where the blue water surrounded by high mountains is an amazing view that deserves to be documented.

• You can rent water bikes and enjoy unique times of fun and adventure with beach waves in the middle of sea water.

The Saket Beach, Bejaia

Hotels near Saket Bejaia Beach

Brahimi Hotel is one of the best 3-star Bejaia hotels, 24 km from the beach.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated very good in terms of cleanliness, comfort, location, staff and value for money.
Hotel reservation
The Royal Bejaia Hotel is one of the best hotels in Algeria in Bejaia, 3 stars, and it is 24 km from the beach of Al Saket.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

There are no reviews yet as the hotel is still new.
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Beach location

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