Friday Bazar Istanbul is one of the popular markets in Istanbul. The market is located in the Fatih area near the Istanbul Zada ​​Hotel, and it is considered one of the cheapest clothes markets in which you can buy all your needs, including clothes, vegetables, fruits and the needs of the home.
The market is characterized by being divided into parts, as there is a section for clothes and another for vegetables, in addition to the parts for shoes, fish, cosmetics, and all household necessities, so it is easy to do shopping in the market sections according to your needs.
In this article, we will show the most important activities that you can do while touring the Friday Istanbul market, one of the most important markets in Istanbul.

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Things to do in the Friday market in Istanbul

You can buy all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits at the lowest prices, in addition to other food items such as spices, pure honey and others.

Friday market in Istanbul

• There is also more than one section in the market to sell cheap cotton clothes, which have different tastes for women, men and children. There are also places that sell shoes at low prices, as the market is one of the cheap Istanbul markets.

Friday Market Istanbul

• Visitors can buy all kinds of different flowers, which are characterized by wonderful scents and cheerful shapes to decorate their homes.

Friday market in Istanbul

• There are also special departments to sell different cosmetics and their most famous brands at lower prices than elsewhere.

Friday Market Istanbul

• If you love seafood, there is a place dedicated to selling many types of Mediterranean fish of various types, and is also distinguished by its low prices.

Friday market in Istanbul

• After you finish shopping and touring the Friday Market, you can complete your tour by heading to the nearby Istanbul landmarks such as the Historia Mall Istanbul, Panorama Istanbul, Exrai area that includes the Arab Street in Istanbul, and you can also complete the shopping at the nearby Zada ​​Hotel Bazaar.


Friday Market is open weekly on Friday from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

Hotels near Istanbul Friday Market

Ramada Old City Istanbul, one of the best Fatih Istanbul hotels, is only 120 meters from the Friday Market.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel rated it great for the location, the staff and the cleanliness, with negative comments regarding the treatment of the reception staff, and the price for value.
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Grand Inca Hotel is one of the best 4 star Istanbul Lalali hotels, it is also 120 meters from the market.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a lot of excellent and excellent reviews in both location, view, cleanliness, services, and staff.
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Friday Market Istanbul website

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