Abha Cable Cars cable car attracts approximately 25 thousand visitors every month from different countries, so it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Abha where the place is crowded with vacationers to spend the most enjoyable times and seeing the natural scenery from within the cable cars.
If you love the adventure and want to see the mountains and parks, you must ride the carriages hanging with your family members, which we will address in the following lines the most important activities that you can do when you visit the cable car in Abha.

The most important activities that you can do on the Abha cable car

• You can see the entire city of Abha from all sides with suspended cable cars, view the mountains and the wonderful green spaces. And you can take the coolest memorial photos of mountains from above to remind you of the wonderful journey.

    Cable car in Abha

• If you are a fan of the wonderful scenery and watching the green spaces and the city streets and houses entirely, hanging vehicles can be ride in the air, you will enjoy the most wonderful scenes, as it takes you from an elevated area to another low and takes only 11 minutes.

Cable car prices in Abha

• You can take your children and family members on the cable car and enjoy the wonderful natural scenery while you are traveling on the cable car. It is safe for children and hanging carts carrying eight people, it will be a fun experience for you and your children.

Cable car in Abha

• You can reach the cable car to the most beautiful mountains in Abha, such as Mount Soda, to see the hills and stunning scenery that surrounds the rope with a view from the top of the mountain on the charming lake of Saad.

Cable car prices in Abha

• You can eat delicious folk delicacies, including salads and appetizers, which children love and are preferred by Arab visitors a lot, amid the picturesque nature, to complete your wonderful trip.

Abha cable car

Cable car prices in Abha

50 riyals for adults.
25 riyals for children.
Children under three years are free of charge.
Visiting the green mountain cable car 90 SAR including going and back.

Hotels near Abha Cable Car

Abha Palace Hotel is one of the best 5-star Abha hotels and the cable car is about 400 meters away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The reviews are good for the location, cleanliness, comfort, staff and facilities.
Hotel reservation
Al Reef Hotel, one of the best 4-star hotels in Saudi Arabia, is located near the cable car in Abha, about 17.8 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is ranked among the good hotels for its services, as it has received the approval of visitors in terms of cleanliness, comfort, facilities, value for money and free Wi-Fi.
Hotel reservation

Abha cable car site

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