The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan

المسافرون العرب

The month of Ramadan, the holy month that the Arab family has been waiting for, eagerly awaits, to enjoy its distinctive atmosphere in all Arab and Islamic countries.

The month of Ramadan is an appropriate opportunity to enjoy traveling to distinctive destinations that celebrate the Holy Month through unique events and a charming atmosphere that increase the magnificence of times in this month.

Although some people fear the idea of ​​traveling during Ramadan, it is a great opportunity to learn about Islamic rituals in other cities and enjoy them to the fullest degree.

Today, we offer you our selection of the 5 best cities to spend the month of Ramadan 2020, as these cities enjoy the most wonderful atmosphere that makes Ramadan times happier and more enjoyable.


Cairo, the Egyptian capital, may be one of the most beautiful destinations to spend the Ramadan season, as it is full of historical and Islamic atmosphere in every corner of its streets and ancient alleys.

Cairo has an abundance of Islamic antiquities dating back to the early Islamic ages, which are decorated with the finest atmospheres of celebration, and include rituals for the month of Ramadan in Egypt.

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With the unique traditional Egyptian atmosphere, the markets and historical areas such as Khan Al Khalili Market and Al Hussein Mosque Square, which witness the most wonderful times and gatherings of Ramadan, are crowded.

It is customary to stay up until the date of the suhoor in these areas and celebrate the atmosphere of the month of Ramadan in a distinctive style, and you can enjoy attending the distinguished artistic and cultural events that abound in this month.

It is not possible to miss the month of Ramadan in Cairo visiting the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, the Mosque of Al-Hussein, the group of Sultan Qalawun and Al-Moez Street and enjoy the atmosphere of Tarawih prayer.

Mecca and Al Madinah

Mecca and Medina are blessed with the largest place in the hearts of Muslims from different parts of the earth, so their visit is the most valuable security, so what happens during the month of Ramadan, when the spiritual atmosphere is doubled!

In the Great Mosque of Mecca and in front of the Holy Kaaba, the atmosphere of Ramadan and its religious rituals will be more magnificent, since breakfast in the crowds that have come from all the world to the house of God and enjoy the finest recitations of the Holy Quran and the most wonderful atmosphere of Tarawih.

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Visiting Madinah, where the Prophet’s Mosque is one of the most beautiful experiences in the holy month of Ramadan, is not the most wonderful pleasure of visiting the grave of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace and pray in the honorable kindergarten.

You can also visit the Quba Mosque, the first mosque in Islam, and the Qiblatain Mosque, while you are in Medina, and visit the Uhud Mountain where the famous Battle of Uhud took place.

Kuala Lumpur

Spending Ramadan in the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur is a truly exciting experience. Getting to know Islamic and Ramadan traditions and rituals in Asian countries is a unique experience.

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular cities for Arab families thanks to its Islamic nature and what it offers from restaurants that serve halal food and food from various Arab countries.

Kuala Lumpur also shines with a charming atmosphere of modernity and amazing modern architecture without giving up the Islamic character, you can visit the Petronas Towers and the Museum of Islamic Art, which offers many wonderful historical exhibits.

You can also enjoy the atmosphere of shopping during the nights of Ramadan in the amazing Kuala Lumpur markets, where it is filled with various goods from all over Asia and provides a lot of souvenirs.

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You can enjoy the atmosphere of the open buffet in the open air during breakfast time, which is provided by many restaurants in the city and increases the charm of the month of Ramadan.

You can also visit the mosques of Kuala Lumpur with a spiritual atmosphere and distinctive architecture to enjoy the rituals of the month of Ramadan and the prayers of Tarawih, such as Salahuddin Shah Mosque, Friday Mosque and the National Mosque.

New Delhi

What if you decide to spend the month of Ramadan in India? This charming country with its rich culture and heritage is full of Islamic airspace and rituals, given that hundreds of years are spent under the rule of the Muslim Mughal sultans.

In New Delhi, you can feel the atmosphere of Ramadan in an exciting and different atmosphere while enjoying visiting the most magnificent Islamic monuments left by these sultans and considered one of the most important features of human heritage.

Do not miss the visit of Qutb Minar, which is the longest minaret in India with a length of 75 meters. It was established during the reign of Sultan Qutb Al-Din Aybak, the owner of the mosque of the Power of Islam, one of the finest mosques in India.

You can also visit the Humayun Mausoleum, which was created by Hamida Begum, wife of Emperor Humayun, as a memorial to her husband, and blessed with a charming Persian architecture with picturesque gardens. The mausoleum includes the graves of 150 Muslim Mughal leaders.

Also do not miss the visit of the Red Fort established by Emperor Shah Jahan to be the seat of rule for 200 years, and do not forget to visit the Indian markets which are filled with the finest merchandise.


Despite the city’s modernity and its modernity, Dubai was able to be on the list of popular destinations in the holy month of Ramadan thanks to its ritual, atmosphere and activities.

Do not miss in Dubai the experience of Ramadan tents and breakfast organized by many hotels directly on the beachfront, as well as the atmosphere of the evening with religious and cultural activities enjoyable.

Throughout the month, the city is in a state of activity, where all regions are adorned with the joyful decoration of Ramadan. Shopping centers prepare to offer the finest events and discounts as they crowd the people of the city and visitors, as well as open buffets that offer the finest cuisine with diverse cultures.

Sohour in Dubai is one of the ritual rituals, as tents and Ramadan gardens are crowded, as well as wonderful music and religious events that will not take place at another time of the year.

What distinguishes the city of Dubai is its cultural nature, which is mixed with many nationalities, which makes the month of Ramadan there is an opportunity to learn about the rituals and Ramadan traditions of different races.

The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Dubai Ramadan atmosphere

1581282012 185 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Ramadan atmosphere in Cairo

1581282012 535 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Ramadan atmosphere in New Delhi

The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Ramadan atmosphere in Dubai

1581282012 126 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Ramadan atmosphere in the city

1581282012 876 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
The atmosphere of Ramadan prayers in Kuala Lumpur

1581282012 634 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Magic atmosphere in the Grand Mosque in Mecca

1581282012 103 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
The magic of Islamic landmarks in Cairo

1581282012 140 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Islamic rituals in New Delhi during Ramadan

1581282012 935 The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan - The best 5 cities to spend Ramadan
Breakfast rituals in Kuala Lumpur

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