The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants

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Dahab is a small city located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, 80 kilometers northeast of Sharm El-Sheikh and is one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt.
Dahab was previously a Bedouin fishing village, and it has now turned into the number one diving destination in the Sinai and one of Egypt’s most important tourist cities.
The tourist destinations in Dahab include many sites that are worth a visit, including Dahab restaurants, whose delicacy is characterized by diversity and quality.

Best of Dahab hotels

The city of Dahab includes some of the distinguished hotels that are considered one of the best hotels in Egypt that provide excellent accommodation, and which provide various and comprehensive services and facilities.

The best Dahab restaurants

Dahab restaurants are famous for the diversity as we mentioned before, including traditional ones, including Arabic and international ones, and because it is a marine city, its seafood dishes are well known.
In our coming lines, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the best restaurants in Dahab that are worth a visit, and which have won the approval of most of their visitors.

Karem Inn Restaurant

Karem Inn is a small and cozy restaurant located along the promenade of Dahab Beach, serving a range of dishes from different parts of the world.
The menu of the restaurant depends on the style of tapas or starters and light dishes, where a feast can be created by choosing different items from the menu.
Every night, the restaurant organizes concerts using the karaoke system, where any of the attendees can enjoy highlighting their talents and singing to the rest of the customers.

The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants - The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants

Bebo Kitchen Restaurant

Beibo Kitchen is a distinctive restaurant in Dahab, as it has started its journey from a simple grill base to a professional restaurant.
The restaurant has achieved impressive success in record time, and most visitors to the city will not leave it without trying the grilled hamburger served.
The Bebo kitchen is distinguished by its current grill base, which is a red car intended for this purpose, and wonderful sea view sessions.

1581359322 774 The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants - The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants

Il Garden View Restaurant

El Garden View Restaurant offers many items and dishes inspired by several local, Arab and international kitchens, especially seafood.
The restaurant also offers a distinctive set of cold and hot drinks, refreshments, some types of Arabic and international sweets, and snacks such as pastries.
El Garden View, which is considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in the well-known city of Dahab, offers special sessions on balconies with stunning sea views.

1581359322 977 The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants - The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants

Shark Italian Restaurant

Shark Italian Restaurant is considered one of Dahab restaurants specialized in all Italian items, within specific menus of the quality of food and dishes it only serves.
The most important characteristic of the restaurant is providing meals cooked with love and a bright smile, and it has been classified as the first in several important locations.
The sessions of the Shark Italian Restaurant are distinguished by its diversity, some of which are internal, including on the balcony, with distinctive views of the coast, and it also provides sessions directly in front of the sea.

1581359322 237 The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants - The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants

Ralph German Bakery Restaurant

The Ralph German Bakery restaurant offers distinctive European breads and pastries of all kinds, especially fresh German bread and pastries.
The restaurant was opened by Chef Ralph Stocker in 2009 AD, and since then it has proven its worth by offering delicious baked goods, pastries and sandwiches.
The Ralf Bakery German Restaurant also features delicious filtered German coffee, and other types of Nespresso, espresso and other types of coffee.

1581359322 597 The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants - The best 5 of proven Dahab Egypt restaurants

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