Levent Istanbul is located in the European part of the ancient city of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the most important regions of Istanbul, as the region is full of skyscrapers and various economic and tourism projects due to its direct location on the Bosphorus Strait in European Istanbul, and therefore it is considered one of the regions that plays an effective role in promoting tourism in Turkey
There is the tallest skyscraper in Turkey within the Levent Istanbul area that extends to about 55 floors and is very popular with tourists. The region provides all means of tourist attractions, recreational facilities and services, as the attractions of the Levent region vary to include parks, cultural centers, restaurants and shopping centers.

Levent Istanbul

Levent Istanbul hotels

Thanks to its leading tourism position, the Levent region owns a number of the most important and best hotels in Istanbul, all of which are characterized by wonderful views, distinct services and facilities that vary to suit all visitors, in the following report a group of the best hotels in Levent .. Read more

Istanbul Levent neighborhood

The best attractions of Levent neighborhood in Istanbul

During the coming lines, we will get to know together the most important tourist destinations in the Levent region, with the most important information about each shrine and its exact location on the map.

Canyon Mall Istanbul

It is one of the most modern shopping centers and is located in the heart of the city along the 185th Street in Levent neighborhood. It includes approximately 160 stores ranging from clothing, electronics, children’s accessories, cinemas, restaurants .. Read more

Canyon Mall Istanbul

Ambassador Tower

It is considered one of the tallest skyscrapers in Istanbul, with a height of nearly 236 meters.The tower combines the pleasure of shopping and entertainment as it includes a large number of world famous shops, along with restaurants and cafes with great views, along with cinemas and fun entertainment centers .. read more

Visit the Ambassador Tower Istanbul

Levent Istanbul Mall

One of the tourist destinations in the famous Levent Istanbul area, which bears the name of the region itself, and it is one of the big malls of Istanbul, where it consists of 4 floors connected in turn to a high-rise administrative building, the mall includes a large number of shops specialized in selling a large number of products ranging from clothing to Home appliances, as well as restaurants, cinemas and entertainment centers … read more

Levent Istanbul Mall

Sanat Cultural Center

It is one of the most famous cultural centers in Turkey and the world, where the theatrical platforms in the center offer various plays, including heritage and contemporary, and a large number of visitors are keen to go to this center in order to spend time getting to know the etiquette of the ancient and modern Turkish theater.
Concerts, and various other performing arts, are also held in the theater.

times of work

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1.30 pm.
From 2 pm to 6 pm.
On Saturday and Sunday is closed.

Levent Istanbul

Sahni Istanbul Theater

This theater is one of the most beautiful theaters of Levent Istanbul, where it offers visitors successive concerts of Turkish and international show arts, as it accommodates a large number of visitors, and you can enjoy hot and cold drinks while watching theatrical performances.

Levent neighborhood in Istanbul

Levent Jamlik Park

One of the largest open parks in the Levent Istanbul area, which provides extended green spaces for calm and relaxation, there are also distinct areas for sports such as volleyball, tennis and basketball, in addition to the quality of other areas intended for young guests, which includes a group of games famous for them.

Erlangen Park

One of the wonderful gardens in the Levent Istanbul area that is characterized by being suitable for the family due to the areas designated for children within the garden, with the spread of water fountains inside the corners of the garden, as it provides seats for sitting and relaxing and other facilities and services.
So, you can spend a full day in the wonderful nature of this garden and take the most beautiful pictures, especially at the water fountains and statues that circulate here and there.

Bali Park

Another great option to spend an integrated day in the Levent Istanbul region, which is a natural reserve full of small lakes in which animals swim, and the park has wide green areas where monkeys and pets live with all the facilities and services that visitors may need.

Bali Levent Park

Levent restaurants and cafes

Levent’s size and stature offer many dining options, including oriental, western and international food. Here are some suggestions:
Defli Restaurant serves Middle Eastern food of various kinds, such as kebab, grill and stuffed bread, and you can reach it only 10 minutes walk from the center of Akmerzik.
But if you are a Korean or Asian food lover in general, Seoul Restaurant will be a great choice, and it is located in the famous Sultanahmet district in the Levent area.
Golendez Restaurant offers a unique view of the Bosphorus in the Levent region. It is also a great choice for vegetarians, and serves both indoor and outdoor food.

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