Tabarka is one of the most important tourist destinations and destinations in Tunisia, which attracts hundreds of thousands of citizens of the Arab Maghreb, as well as the Arab countries and the world as a whole to visit when thinking about an ideal location to spend a quiet holiday that breathes and relaxes.
During the article, we review with you the most beautiful and best places that you can visit when traveling and visiting the tourist city of Tabarka

Tourist Tabarka

Best hotels in Tabarka

Tabarka, the Tunisian tourist city, is famous for having a number of high-end Tunisian hotels and beach resorts that offer a variety of options, multiple and comfortable to stay with many forms of entertainment that satisfy different tastes and suit different possibilities, and perhaps the best tourist hotels in Tabarka are what we picked for you through this report .. Read more

Tourist areas in Tabarka

The most important tourist places in Tabarka

The city of Tabarka includes a number of the most beautiful natural monuments and the most ancient monuments that attract tourists from everywhere, in addition to hosting a number of cultural and artistic events.
During the following lines, we review with you the most important tourist areas in Tabarka and the most important activities that you can do during visiting the charming tourist city:

Berkush Beach

Tabarka, a tourist city, has a coastline of 25 km, characterized by its clean, charming, stunning beaches, and thick green and dense forest areas, along with cork and oak trees spread throughout it, in addition to dozens of fish and rare coral reefs that made the city a source for the formation and export of pearls, coral and precious stones.
Berkouche Beach is one of the most popular tourist areas in Tabarka, thanks to its pure turquoise water and sand covered with wonderful areas of greenery, in addition to great opportunities to practice a number of fun water sports such as fishing and diving.

Tourism in Tabarka

Tabarka castle

Among the most famous and most important tourist places in Tabarka, Tunisia, thanks to its ancient history dating back to the 14th century and the wonderful panoramic view that provides it to the charming coastal city, where the castle enjoys a majestic and elaborate archeological construction on the top of a green hill overlooking the Mediterranean coast.
After visiting the castle and passing through its ancient halls, you can take a boat in the sea or enjoy a relaxing session with the family on its coast and take the most wonderful photos while your children are having fun and playing or wandering in the nearby fields decorated with monuments of huge and attractive musical instruments.

Tourist places in Tabarka

Tabarka needles

One of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions of Tabarka, which attracts tourists from various Arab countries and the world thanks to the scenic mountainous views and charming coastal views, the needles are tapered rock formations up to approximately 20 meters high that create with the pure sea coast a visual symphony that cannot Miss a visitor’s eye during Tabarka’s tourism

The tourist city of Tabarka

Tabarka buildings

One of the most important activities that you need to do while visiting the tourist city of Tabarka is the roaming between the simple Tobruk homes, where the houses are painted with a white and blue paint and the striking red brick roofs with an eye-catching architectural look, which makes it an unmistakable angle for a camera lens and is not missed by amateurs and photography professionals.

Tourist places in Tabarka

Musical festivals in Tabarka

Tabarka is famous for its many activities and festivals, especially those associated with international jazz and rai.
If you are a fan of art and music and you want to hear the sweetest tracks during your visit to the tourist city of Tabarka, you can set the date of your trip with the date of the World Music Festival held by the tourist city annually.

The most beautiful places in Tabarka tourist

Hospital tourism in Tabarka

Tabarka is also famous for its hot springs and hot water eyes, which attract hundreds of thousands of tourists annually from various parts of the world in order to recover from many diseases, and perhaps the most important and famous valleys and springs of Tabarka, Ain Al-Sabh, Al-Maleh, Wadi Al-Karim, and Zarqa.

The most beautiful tourist areas in Tabarka

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